Test your Carbon Monoxide alarms

Test your Carbon Monoxide alarms!

Test Your Carbon Monoxide AlarmsAlso known as ‘Test it Tuesday’ – Always test your carbon monoxide alarms and smoke detectors in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

We advise you to test your alarms at least once a month on a day you are likely to remember. Please refer to your manufacturer’s instructions for specific guidance.

If you need to replace or purchase a Carbon Monoxide alarm, please contact your local HETAS approved retailer or installer. Ensure that the alarm is fitted in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and Building Regulations.

You can view a list of HETAS Approved Carbon Monoxide detectors in our HETAS Guide.

Further Guidance and Advice

Click here to view one of our HETAS advice leaflets with further guidance about Carbon Monoxide.

Additional guidance on protecting yourself from carbon monoxide can be found at www.hetas.co.uk/consumer/carbon-monoxide.

HETAS is proud to be a member of the All Fuels Action Fourm.

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