The Consumer Rights Act

The Consumer Rights Act

The Consumer Rights ActBusinesses must adapt to the changes by reviewing their returns and complaints policies, checking their terms and conditions are compliant and training staff to comply with The Consumer Rights Act.

The Consumer Rights Act came into force on the 1 October 2015 and replaces a number of laws with regard to business-to-consumer transactions, including the Sale of Goods Act 1979 and the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982. click here to view more information.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is an option all businesses can benefit from when a dispute cannot be settled directly with the consumer. This covers a range of ways for settling a dispute between a consumer and a trader without taking legal action. ADR options (such as arbitration or mediation) can often be faster and better than going to court.  Approved ADR bodies for the purposes of the Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes (Competent Authorities and Information) Regulations 2015 can be found on the Chartered Trading Standards Institute website by clicking here. One benefit of being a Which? Trusted trader is access to Dispute Resolution Ombudsman, an ADR body. Discounted membership is available until the end of this year. Find out more at

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