The Domestic RHI: Case Studies

Pellets on FireJust eleven months into the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive, 25,000 renewable heating systems have been accredited to receive Domestic RHI payments. Ofgem has produced some case studies based on successful RHI applicants. Highlighted here are some of the applicants who are enjoying the benefits of their new biomass systems. You can view these case studies and more on the Ofgem website by clicking here.

Andrew King | Lincoln

We have a detached house in a semi-rural location in Lincolnshire that is off the mains gas grid. Our space and hot water heating was provided by a combination of E7 storage heaters and a few radiators upstairs running on a central heating system powered by bottled LPG. Fuel costs were very high but we were still cold. We looked at a variety of heating types, and in the end we decided to remove the storage heaters and install a wood pellet boiler in a purpose built external boiler house. New wireless heating controls and a thermostat were also installed to run the system. After building the boiler house, the installation of the new boiler had minimal intrusion on the house I’ve had the system installed for nearly a year now, it is simple to operate and will have used 4 tonnes of pellets at a cost of approximately £1000. This has reduced my heating and hot water costs by over 50% with a carbon neutral fuel and we are actually warm as we can afford to have the heating on now. I heard about the Domestic RHI from a colleague at work who was looking to replace his oil fired boiler.

The Domestic RHI application process was simple as it used the data directly from the certificates provided, greatly reducing the amount of information I needed to put in as it already knew my heating requirements.

I regularly recommend biomass boilers to anyone on oil or LPG and have shown several people my installation and explained the Domestic RHI process and basic requirements to them.

Martin Thomson | Cornwall

In spring 2013 we made the decision to look for an alternative to our existing gas boiler which had become totally uneconomic and ineffective. To heat the property to an acceptable standard had become unaffordable. Thoughts of a renewable source of heating were not at the front of our minds but a chance comment made by a friend caused us to investigate. We contacted a local installer with whom we had a very good relationship and after many quotations, meetings, researching and, yes, doubts we decided to install a wood pellet boiler, along with the necessary changes to the hot water system. Whilst we had suffered from those very real initial doubts we were quickly able to put them to one side as the pellet boiler gave us superb levels of heat and delivered it all day for a cost very similar to the miserly times offered by the original bulk gas installation. We are currently enjoying very affordable all day heating. We were more than pleased that we could submit a claim for the Domestic RHI payments through an online process. For someone with a working life embracing ICT and systems development I was apprehensive at the thought of having to make such an online application. To my great surprise the entire process, from website guidance to physically making the online application was absolutely superb.

It was a breath of fresh air and demonstrated the full potential of a truly integrated online system. All information, as entered, is checked in real time and by the time I had completed the online process an email was already in my inbox with my offer… truly stunning!

To this day I shake my head in disbelief . . . but it certainly was true! Reviewing now, as we start 2015 we have been delighted with our wood pellet boiler installation, our installer, and the seven year Government support, via Ofgem and the Domestic RHI.

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