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Forgotten Ltd
#ForgottenLtd is calling for support for small Limited companies

During the coronavirus pandemic the HETAS team has been updating the website and our social media channels with information on the many levels of government support, including the job retention scheme, bounce back loans and small business grant schemes. One of the areas that has been forgotten is small limited companies. We spoke to #ForgottenLtd Campaign Team Member Rachael Willoughby about the campaign and what you can do to get involved.

What is #ForgottenLtd

#ForgottenLtd is a grass roots campaign calling for the fair and equal support for small business owners, left vastly unsupported by the government support schemes launched in response to COVID19 and the lockdown.  Small limited companies do not qualify for any meaningful government support and taking on debt is not a solution.

What is Forgotten Ltd calling for?

We are calling on the government to:

  1. Protect our incomes by giving us financial parity equivalent to that paid by the self employed capped at £2500
  2. Allow furloughed directors to continue to work. No one should be forced to abandon their businesses. We need to be in the strongest position possible to emerge from this crisis intact and to play our part in the countryʼs economic recovery
  3. Extend Business Support Grants to all small businesses. We need support now to save and sustain our businesses
  4. Demonstrate a plan for the sustainable future of small businesses – we need clear guidance on what the exit strategy ʻcouldʼ look like and how small businesses can aim for a return to some semblance of ʻnormalʼ – while existing support packages must be extended, we need support now and to get through the inevitable recovery process.

#ForgottenLtd are asking for parity. We are asking not to be forgotten.

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To get more involved in the campaign find out more on the website, follow #ForgottenLtd on social or sign the petition.

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Get involved and make your voice heard.

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