The future of appliance test standards

In this article the HETAS product approval team takes a closer look at the future of appliance test standards.

BS EN 16510-1 publication

In 2018, BSI published details of the new BS EN 16510-1 test standard being released, covering general requirements and test methods for residential solid fuel burning appliances. There was some initial confusion amongst appliance manufacturers on whether the new standard would immediately supersede the current BS EN series of standards (i.e. BS EN 13240, 13229, 12815, etc) however for any standard to be mandated against the Construction Product Regulations (CPR), the standard needs to be officially referenced within the EU official journal. Due to some discretions at CEN Committee level, the current BS EN 16510-1 was published in a non-harmonised format and appliance manufacturers shall in the short term continue to test and affix the CE mark to products against the current regime of test standards.

The future of appliance test standards
The future of appliance test standards

Although these obstacles exist, this has not prevented the committee to continually develop the standard until such a time that the new standard is in a position to be harmonised. In 2018, the CEN committee took the decision to publish the non-harmonised version of the standard, to allow for industry manufacturers to become more familiar with any proposed future requirements and to begin to think about the future R&D developments this may impose on their appliances.

HETAS advises all of its approved manufacturers to familiarise themselves with the new proposed requirements, as in some cases UK notified laboratories are beginning to exercise the new regime and report on any additional tests in an annex of the initial CE type test report for manufacturer reference.

New test protocols

Some of the new test protocols contained within the standard include;

  • Air Tightness Classification for Roomsealed Appliances
  • Revised minimum refuels intervals for appliances
  • Safety temperature testing above an appliance if claims below 750mm
  • Additional safety temperature tests, including hearth level
  • Additional information to be contained within manufacturer instructions
  • Inclusion of new emission testing methodologies
  • Part load performance testing when claimed
  • New appliance chimney load classification

These only cover a number of proposed requirement changes contained within the non-harmonised version of the standard, so again it is important for manufacturers to become familiar.

Further Developments

The other developments include ensuring that the BS EN 16510-1 is fully aligned with the new Ecodesign legislation for solid fuel appliances, making it easier for manufacturers to undertake testing to cover compliance with both the constructional requirements of the CPR and the emission performance requirements within Ecodesign.

We will continue to update approved manufacturers as progress develops and the status of harmonisation of the standard. Further information can be obtained from the HETAS Technical Area or by calling the HETAS Technical Helpline on 01684 278170.

The team is also available to discuss the HETAS Product Approval scheme, Ecodesign Compliance and Defra exemption. Additionally, to discuss the future of appliance test standards get in touch on 01684 278190 or email

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