The HETAS Guide 2018 has arrived

The HETAS Guide 2018 has arrived

HETAS Guide 2018The HETAS Guide 2018 has been published and has a change of look and feel as well as a few tricks up its sleeve. After surveying and talking to users of the Guide we had an overwhelming steer to keep it both hard copy and web based. The question of dropping the hard copy was one with a clear answer from users – keep it going!

Apart from keeping the hard copy format we have listened to the users and have fitted in more approved appliances and equipment in to a thinner and lighter document. This has meant making decisions about how to present information which is now clearer and more concise than ever before.

Alongside the main printed guide, we have the website with numerous search options and new for this year we are offering manufacturers a ‘Mini Guide’; a version of the Guide with just their own appliances listed and some useful supplementary information. The purpose of this is to support customers looking for a particular stove manufacturer and wanting more information from HETAS.

Over 60% of consumer calls to HETAS are from customers wanting to choose an appliance and coming to HETAS first get advice before making that choice. If they enquire about a particular manufacturer we can send an electronic copy of that manufacturer’s approvals in a Mini Guide format without sending the whole Guide. This is something that manufacturers appear to like as it supports and underpins their sales efforts.

A key benefit of HETAS third party approval is that customers can see that any approved stove, chimney, boiler, ancillary product has a third party validation. Customers like the comfort they get from third party assessment and certification. The HETAS scheme looks at more than CE marking and also supports approval schemes like MCS and Ecodesign Ready.

Another benefit this year is that HETAS is producing comprehensive certification packs for each appliance, chimney/flue and fuel. The certification pack makes clear what tests and checks have been done and clearly demonstrates the product credentials, again giving buyers, specifiers etc, a third party validation of the manufacturer’s compliance with the various requirements.

As more and more products become HETAS Approved we are supporting the manufacturers with better support. Each month the HETAS website gets up to 60,000 visits. With the recent concerns about particulate emissions and air quality, it is more important than ever to show customers that modern solid fuel and wood-burning appliances are part of the air quality solution. Having a new modern, clean appliance to replace any old open fires or old stove helps reduce environmental impact.  Always use clean dry fuel with the Woodsure Ready to Burn logo on it.

Get in touch if you’d like a copy of the HETAS Guide 2018. Click here to contact HETAS.

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