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HETAS has teamed up with Upspark Digital to bring you tops tips on how to make the most from your online presence and grow your business.

Chris is the founder of Upspark Digital, a website design and management company exclusively for businesses within the fireplace industry. They specialise in building professional websites that stand out and turn more website visitors into buyers.

Follow these four simple steps to create a professional web presence that gets you more sales

Today, most people conduct online research on your business before contacting you. That means you need a strong web presence, or you will be losing out on sales to your competitors who do.

In this 5 minute read, I go over four easy-to-apply steps that will help your business look more professional, trustworthy and get more attention from customers. Ultimately, these will lead to more enquiries and sales for your business.

Claim your Google My Business page

Google My Business (GMB) is a free listing service that allows you to control the information about your chimney sweep, installation, or retail business on Google. It enables you to respond to reviews, update business information such as the hours you work, and post photos and offers to help grab the attention of potential customers.

At Upspark Digital, we have found that a large number of businesses within the fireplace industry still haven’t claimed their GMB page. By having a GMB page, you also get the information box (as pictured) at the side of the search results whenever someone searches for your business. This just adds a little bit extra credibility in your business. Ultimately by having a GMB page you give your potential customers more reason to choose you over your competitors. It also helps you rank better in search results.

Up your Google Review Game

Most people understand that the more positive reviews a business has on Google, the more likely it is that a person will click through and visit their website. My company’s research found that only 39% of businesses within the fireplace industry had more than five reviews. You should aim to have at least 20 reviews (the more, the better) and try to maintain an average above 4.5 out of 5 stars. Getting reviews and responding to each one will help your business rank better on Google. If Google sees you are engaging with your customers consistently it rewards your business with a higher position in its search results.

Do you want to motivate your customers to leave a review? You could offer them a special offer, discount or access to a prize draw. For example,

Prize Draw: ‘Leave us a review and you could get your next chimney sweep for free’

Discount:  ‘Leave us a review and get 10% off your next purchase’

This is not only a great way to increase your Google reviews (and therefore help your Google ranking and credibility with customers) but also it gives your previous customers an incentive to use your services again.

Post at least once a week on Social Media

A proportion of your potential customers will check your business out on social media before contacting you. They are looking for indicators that your business is professional, credible and is going to provide a great customer experience.

Social media platforms have changed since you first started using them. Most small businesses aren’t going to get many sales directly by posting on social media. Facebook, Instagram, etc. want you to spend money on their ads platform. They have made it very hard for your posts to be seen by people who haven’t liked your page. Even for those who have liked your page, only around 10% (on average) will see each post on Facebook.

It can be very time consuming to build a relevant and engaged audience on social media. Therefore, for most small businesses, posting on social media is not about sales. It becomes more about looking like a credible business that is active on social media. So, you should respond to comments and reviews, and post relevant content that would be helpful to your potential customers at least once a week. This will create a list of valuable posts that potential customers can find should they happen to come across your page.

Have a professional website that delivers more enquiries

Your website should be designed to persuade potential customers to buy from you. However, most businesses don’t think of their website in this way and use it simply to dump information about their products and services. A number of businesses within the fireplace industry have outdated websites that don’t do a good job at presenting the true value their business can give its customers. Use this to your advantage and be the business that seizes the opportunity to stand out from your competition and build a website that works to grow your business.

At Upspark Digital, we are launching a new pay monthly web design and management service exclusively for small businesses within the fireplace industry. We aim to create a professional web presence for these businesses that delivers more enquiries. For more information on how this new service could benefit you, check out our service page here:

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