What’s your score?

Do you see yourself as a credible, trustworthy professional? Do you think your website communicates this belief to your customers?

HETAS has teamed up with Upspark Digital to bring you tops tips on how to make the most from your online presence and grow your business.

Upspark Digital is a website design and management company exclusively for businesses within the fireplace industry. They specialise in building professional websites that stand out and turn more website visitors into buyers.

Last month we covered top tips, this month you can get your website scorecard.

A poor or outdated website will:

  • Cause some high spending customers to leave your website and shop elsewhere
  • Will attract the wrong people that take up your time and become bad customers
  • Give a poor first impression of your company that is hard to recover from
  • May cause customers to be more wary of spending money with you
  • More generally, do a poor job of representing you as credible, professional business

Is your website an asset for your business?

Get your scorecard now

Take the Upspark Scorecard to find out.

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