Winter Driving Tips from HETAS Insurance

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Heavy snow, gale force winds, even floods? Something the UK is great at is having unpredictable weather, so keeping yourself, your employees and your business safe and functioning efficiently can be a challenge.

Unfortunately during the winter months road traffic accidents become more common, therefore you need to consider adapting your driving technique:

  • Leave extra space between you and the vehicle in front, you can’t always tell how well the road surface will react to harsh breaking and as you can’t predict when you might be breaking urgently, you need to be vigilant. And ice, especially, can be deceiving.
  • Make sure your vehicles maintenance is up to date; many garages will conduct winter checks on your vehicles, and some even do it for free.
  • Changes in light – think about getting an up to date eyesight check as those twilight hours can highlight poor vision.
  • Do you know the correct procedure if your vehicle breaks down? This time of year sees an increase in vehicle breakdown, so if you’re unfortunate enough for it to happen to you, you will need to: Find a safe, well-lit area to stop; leave your hazard lights on; and find a safe place to stand away from your vehicle to await help.

You will also need to check if your vehicle is covered for business use? If your employees are using vehicles for work, it is a good idea to keep them informed of these winter driving tips and how to keep their vehicles maintained.

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