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The HETAS Find Appliance search will help you to find the appliance that is right for you with the search including approved wood stoves, open fires, cookers, biomass systems and chimney products. Safe and efficient heating appliances are essential for installers, consumers and manufacturers. To help maintain these standards, HETAS is the independent UK body recognised by Government for the testing and approval of solid fuel and biomass appliances and associated equipment and services.

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Consumers purchasing a HETAS approved product;

  • Have confidence that the appliance conforms to the UK building regulations in its installation and use
  • Have all relevant information on using the product in specified operating instructions for safe and effective use of the appliance
  • Freedom of choice to choose an appliance listed in the HETAS guide to solid fuel products and services to suit their individual needs on both heat output and design

The HETAS Find Appliance search function also allows for additional filters including: style, air control, fuel operation, hearth requirements, refuelling, loading function, efficiency and output. This search function also filters by approval status for the following: HETAS, Stove Industry Alliance, Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and DEFRA.