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HETAS Advice

Consumer Guide to Ecodesign and Defra

Do I need my chimney lined?

Are you in a Smoke Control Area? (SCA)

Keeping you safe – rogue traders, logo misuse, and imitation businesses

Safety Advice for Installations of Fireplace Surrounds

How to replace stove rope

What is an uncommissioned stove?

Springtime stove maintenance

Top tips for keeping your stove glass clean

Top tips for using your wood burner responsibly and safely

The HETAS team has put together a simple guide to give you an overview of Ecodesign and Defra Exemption requirements.

One of the most common questions the HETAS team is asked on our helpline. Our useful guide will help you decide if you need a liner.

The HETAS team provide an overview of Smoke Control Areas and what this means if you’re looking to install a stove in an SCA.

The HETAS team detail how to identify rogue traders, logo misuse, and imitation businesses to help you keep safe.

Installing fireplace surrounds safely is an important issue. The HETAS team cover important safety tips to consider before installation.

Knowing how to identify stove rope degradation, when to replace a degrading stove rope, and how to complete the job yourself will ensure your wood burner can continue to burn efficiently and safely.

An uncommissioned stove, also referred to as a decommissioned wood burner, relates to a stove that has been disabled by a HETAS Registered Installer pending maintenance or further inspection.

The HETAS team detail some stove maintenance checks that you can do during springtime when your stove is not in use.

The HETAS team have put together some top tips for keeping your stove glass clean, so you can continue to enjoy the perfect view of those flames.

Burning responsibly and safely will increase the efficiency of your stove and reduce its environmental impact.


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