Insurance for your business

Having the right insurance in place for your business is vital in ensuring compliance and protecting you and your customer against a multitude of financial risks.

Here at HETAS we have teamed up with Rhino Trade Insurance in offering insurance tailored for our customers, complementing our competent person schemes for installers of biomass and solid fuel heating, chimney sweeps and much more.

Insurance for businesses like yours comes in many forms, and Rhino can offer the important policies to keep you and your business covered.

Remember, here at HETAS we require that our members carry a minimum of £2m Public Liability Insurance to operate as part of our competent person scheme.

Using our unique online web shop, you can get a quick and easy quote for your business insurance within 60 seconds.

What Insurances Do Rhino Offer?

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance is a policy that any self-employed individual or independent business working in the trades should consider taking out. The cover provides a financial safety net in the event that the work the policyholder carries out causes death or injury to a member of the public, or damage to third party property. Here at HETAS we require that our members carry a minimum of £2m Public Liability Insurance to operate as part of our competent person scheme.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance provides cover for the policyholder in the event that their customer or end-client suffers financial loss as a result of professional negligence. The insurance is relevant for those who offer professional advice or design as part of the work they do and is an asset for any established tradesperson.

Legal Expenses Insurance

Having cover in place against legal costs and expenses can prove very beneficial in a multitude of scenarios. For any business, the need for legal assistance, whether it be against an individual or corporation, is very real. The threat of legal action being made against you because of the work you carry out can be a costly occurrence to defend or settle, therefore having insurance in place to cover these costs is a handy financial safety net. From sending a legal letter to a customer who is disputing a fee, to challenging a client disputing a contract, legal expenses insurance can ease the burden of these events.

Tools in Transit Insurance

Unfortunately, statistics on tool theft in the UK are alarmingly high. Keeping one’s tools safe should be paramount for any professional working in the trades, but often reinforcing your van or commercial vehicle isn’t enough. Tools in Transit Insurance from Rhino provides 24/7 cover for your tools when kept in your vehicle overnight. The insurance is designed to get you back on tools as quickly as possible in the sad event of tool or van theft.

Gadget & Mobile Phone Insurance

A popular add-on to Rhino’s Tools in Transit cover, gadget & mobile phone insurance is a no brainer for the modern professional. If your laptops, smartphones or tablets were to get lost, damaged or stolen, having proper insurance in place will mean that you won’t be out of the loop for long.

Personal Accident Insurance

As a self-employed sole trader or Limited Company Director, luxuries enjoyed by those that are employed are not a sure thing. One of the most important and often overlooked scenarios tradespeople face is having an accident that results in not being able to work. Whether you have an accident at work or in your personal life, Rhino offers personal accident cover, offering a lump sum pay-out in the event that you injure yourself and lose business as a result.

Income Protection Insurance

A popular companion to personal accident insurance, income protection insurance covers the policyholder in the unfortunate event that they are too ill or sick to work. Self-employed professionals do not benefit from sick pay, so having an insurance policy in place that pays the holder a monthly sum for the period that they are out of work because of illness, can be highly beneficial.

Why choose Rhino?

We work with Rhino because of their experience, their reputation, the quality of cover they provide and the ease of purchase.

Rhino Trade Insurance offers award winning cover, designed specifically with tradespeople in mind. As HETAS’ preferred insurance partner, you can benefit from Rhino’s easy to use online purchase platform, as well as access to their UK based customer service team.

Rhino offers insurance to over a hundred trades, including trades relevant to HETAS schemes:

  • Solid fuel appliance & installation
  • Flue system installers
  • Chimney sweeps
  • Biomass appliance installation
  • Biomass appliance maintenance
  • Many more!

If you’re in need of cover, or want to get yourself renewed with Rhino, you can visit our web shop today and get a quote in 60 seconds.


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