Certificate of Compliance

Learn all about the HETAS Certificate of Compliance and why it’s so important.

Order a replacement certificate

Customers using a HETAS Registered Installer in England and Wales will receive either a HETAS Certificate of Compliance (Building Regulation Compliance Certificate) from the installer on the completion of installation work or through the post if the installer notifies the installation online. Your installer will let you know which method of certification they will be using.

Why is your certificate important?

The certificate demonstrates that the installation complies with the relevant Building Regulations. The information on the certificate is used to record your installation, and in England & Wales it is used to notify your Local Authority Building Control Department (LABC) of the work that was undertaken. This self certification takes the place of a Local Authority Building Notice. The information can be required to validate your home insurance and will be required in any home selling process.  Failure to notify the Local Authority can be an offence resulting in enforcement action.

Replacement Certificate

Copies of HETAS Certificates of Compliance can be ordered through our online search. Simply enter your postcode and find the certificate for the property. Certificates cost £24 plus VAT and following payment, you will receive an email with your certificate and an invoice.


Regional Variations

Regulations and certification vary by regions. 

Consumers in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Isle of Man should contact their relevant Local Authority prior to commencing any installation work as the regulations for notification by Competent Person Scheme registrants does not apply in these regions.

Other regulations may apply to particular categories of work.

How will my installer notify HETAS?

The paper certificate must be completed and signed only by the HETAS Registered Installer who undertook the work. HETAS Registered Installers can also notify installations online.

HETAS will then notify the relevant Local Authority within 30 days. When the HETAS Registered Installer notifies an installation online a certificate will be posted directly to you.

Additional Information

Where a hearth, fireplace, flue or chimney is provided as part of the work information essential to the correct application and use of these facilities should be permanently posted in the building. A way of meeting this requirement is for the installer to provide a Notice Plate.

You should also receive an operating manual for the appliance that has been installed.

Many operating manuals for HETAS Approved appliances can be found with the product listing in the HETAS Approved Product search or you can contact the manufacturer directly. 


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