HETAS Cleaner Choice

HETAS has officially launched its “Cleaner Choice” initiative for biomass and solid fuel burning products, to allow consumers to make more informed choices about the type of appliances being installed and promote the environmentally responsible and safe burning of clean and low carbon fuels. 

Making the Cleaner Choice

With the aim of supporting government in reducing our air quality impacts from the biomass and solid fuel burning within the home, HETAS have provided a comprehensive register of those appliances meeting the most stringent performance limits for particulate emissions.

Cleaner Choice awareness aims to;

  • Move consumers away from the sale and use of inefficient, higher polluting appliance technologies such as open fires. 
  • Better promote those appliances meeting the most stringent performance limits for emissions and PM2.5’s for the UK.
  • Provide comprehensive education and guidance to consumers on the best practice operating techniques for cleaner burning.

All Cleaner Choice appliances have a verified emission performance limit of 50% less than that required for burning of solid and biomass fuels within designated Smoke Control Areas under the Clean Air Act

Why purchase a HETAS Cleaner Choice Approved Product?

  • Have confidence that the appliance conforms to the UK building regulations in its installation and use.
  • Assures the installer and end user that all documentation is correct and that instructions are compliant with building regulations. This allows safe and effective use of the appliance.
  • Feel safe in the knowledge that you are operating an appliance that aims to reduce the environmental impact from any particulate emissions produced.
  • A comprehensive, published list on the HETAS website allowing you to make an informed choice to suit your individual needs.
  • All Cleaner Choice appliances are independently verified by HETAS as meeting all current regulations.

Search for Cleaner Choice approved products

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Knowing your appliance

What is Ecodesign?

In simple terms, the Ecodesign Regulations set new minimum seasonal efficiency and maximum emission requirements for solid fuel burning roomheater stoves, roomheater stoves with boilers and cooker appliances. Only those appliances that have been tested and verified as meeting these new limits will be able to be sold. The emission limits include those for Particulate Matter (PM), Organic Gaseous Compounds (OGC), Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx).

What is an Exempt appliance?

In designated Smoke Control Areas (SCAs), you can burn authorised smokeless fuels in any appliance (as long as the appliance is designed to correctly burn them) or when wanting to burn unauthorised fuels, like wood, you can only do so in an exempt appliance so long as the conditions of the exemption specify the unauthorised fuel (e.g. wood) can be burned. The list of authorised smokeless fuels and exempt appliances can be found on the smoke control website. To find out if you live in an SCA contact your Local Authority.
Exempt appliances are tested at both the nominal and minimum air settings, and they must meet limits for Particulate Matter (PM) emissions in both settings.

What is the Cleaner Choice scheme?

The HETAS Cleaner Choice Approval Scheme is unique in that HETAS is a third party independent and impartial certification body that relies on first-hand review of test data from notified laboratories in checking that each appliance meets, and in critical areas, exceeds some of the most stringent limits set by tested standards and test methods. The HETAS Cleaner Choice Approval Scheme, while focused on particulate emissions, also provides the consumer and installer assurance that the appliance listed meets all the relevant regulations in the UK as before, including safety and performance requirements, correct operation, and correct installation for HETAS registrants.

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Working together for a cleaner and safer environment.

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Biomass Maintenance


Chimney Sweeps




HETAS Approved Retailers give you confidence in getting a suitable, efficient and safe wood burning or biomass appliance for your home. All approved retailers contain at least one HETAS trained showroom staff member, meaning quality advice can be given to the end-user that meets a good standard of service.


HETAS is the only competent person scheme specialising in the installation of solid fuel and biomass appliances. The HETAS ‘Find Installer’ search makes it easy to find your nearest HETAS Installer of solid fuel, wood and biomass appliances.

Biomass Maintenance

HETAS has launched a new registration scheme for engineers to demonstrate competency in the servicing and maintenance of domestic and commercial biomass appliances.

Chimney Sweeps

A good chimney is essential to the continuing efficient and safe operation of all solid fuel burning heating and cooking appliances. HETAS recommends that chimney sweeping is best carried out by a HETAS Approved Sweep at least once a year, depending upon the appliance and fuel being used.


Servicing your stove is critically important if you want to keep it operating efficiently and safely. HETAS servicing technicians can give your stove the expert attention it needs to ensure it can perform safely and efficiently. Our search allows you to filter for servicing for stoves, stoves with boilers and biomass systems.


HETAS has introduced the new Cleaner Choice Product Approval Scheme focused on raising industry standards and driving consumers towards the cleanest burning biomass and solid fuel appliances proven to go above and beyond in minimising harmful particle emissions, reducing the impact of their use on air quality and the environment.


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