HETAS Advice Leaflets

Our HETAS Advice Leaflets cover a range of topics suitable for people with wood burning stoves, solid fuel heating and chimney or flue systems.

We also have a collection of advice articles or for further advice read please contact our support team on 01684 278170.

Click a leaflet below to view, or email the HETAS team at email [email protected] if you would like a paper copy to be sent to you please. 

Registrants can purchase HETAS Advice Sheets direct from the HETAS Shop. Contact 01684 278170 or email [email protected] to purchase. You may also host these advice sheets on your website; however we ask that you display credit to HETAS (brief description with a link to our website). Bundles also available.

We make some of our consumer advice sheets available for free, email [email protected] for details.

Find out more…

Additional information can be found on the HETAS website, including information and HETAS advice on the following topics:

  1. Carbon Monoxide
  2. Certificates of Compliance
  3. Building Regulations
  4. Frequently Asked Questions

Registered installers, sweeps and retailers can purchase copies of these advice leaflets via the HETAS Shop

Read further HETAS advice online:

  1. Lighting a fire
  2. Slumbering your stove
  3. Stove ash


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