An increasing choice for Cleaner Choice

A growing number of manufacturers are committing to making the Cleaner Choice and having their stoves and boilers certified by the independent HETAS certification scheme.
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A growing number of manufacturers are committing to making the Cleaner Choice and having their stoves and boilers certified by the independent HETAS certification scheme.

Products approved by the HETAS Cleaner Choice scheme are independently proven to meet the most stringent emissions criteria, going further than any other industry scheme and exceeding Ecodesign and Defra Exemption requirements. In fact, products listed under the HETAS Cleaner Choice scheme achieve a 50% improvement on particulates against currently recognised requirements within UK Smoke Control Areas.

The recently published Environment Improvement Plan (EIP) clearly states that the government is not considering a ban on domestic burning in England and it recognises that some households are reliant on solid fuel burning for heating, hot water and cooking. Additionally, a ban on domestic outdoor burning would be considered disproportionate. With this in mind, consideration on the most appropriate appliance to install is of vital importance.

You can learn more about the Environment Improvement Plan in our dedicated guide.

What are the requirements of Cleaner Choice?

The appliance must meet the following:

  • Clean air act requirements

Consideration for any higher-level scheme to embrace exemption and include improvement measures against those stipulated within PD6434.

  • HETAS Cleaner Choice 50% Improvement on CAA requirements

Appliances must meet the 50% improvement over an average of 3 or 5 tests (dependent on appliance) for particulates at both high and low output. The limit is given from the equation (5/0.3)*0.1)/2. E.g. for a 5kW stove output the limit would be 3.3 g/h.

  • Energy Labelling & Ecodesign requirements

Products must as a minimum meet all essential requirements of Ecodesign & Energy Labelling, including minimum seasonal efficiency and maximum permitted emission limits. This information also being clearly visible to the consumer to aid their choice on retailer websites and associated documentation.

  • Building regulation requirements

Requirement for instructions to contain guidance that a) is true representation of initial type testing results and

b) does not conflict with ADJ installation practices and guidance. Will also require meeting minimum gross efficiency criteria within DBSCG, however Ecodesign now stipulates a more stringent measurement for this.

  • UKCA / CE marking requirements

The appliance must meet all the relevant clauses of UKCA/CE marking including verifying that a suitable FPC is in place.

The performance and environmental analysis of certified Cleaner Choice appliances can be found on the product search results for each certified product.


Speaking of their recent certification of their Pyrus V stove, Midtherm – Mark Jones, Director of Sales & Marketing said:

Taking our concept of a stove, designing, prototyping, testing and manufacturing has had its challenges. However, thanks in part to the team from HETAS, with their wealth of industry knowledge, experience and support, we now have an efficient Cleaner Choice product that fits with Midtherm’s quality and tradition. It’s been an interesting journey and we very much look forward to working with HETAS in the future as Midtherm develops its wood burning stove range.

You can view Midtherm’s range of approved products here.

Company Director at Chilli Penguin, Karen Harris also spoke to us about their wide range of Cleaner Choice certified products.

I wanted to send a note to thank HETAS for coming to visit the Chilli Penguin Workshop. It is always nice to put a face to a name. It was an interesting discussion to see the business through a different lens. I think there were some valuable insights, and it gave us the opportunity to discuss the plans and direction of our business and our core beliefs. It was also an opportunity to feedback on the support and services that we receive from HETAS. We have worked with HETAS since Chilli Penguin was established. We make a lot of use of your social media campaigns and your technical support. Our engineering team has worked exceptionally hard to redesign all of stoves to meet the eco design criteria, so were especially pleased to meet the more stringent HETAS Cleaner Choice standard.

In the spotlight

In recent months we have been shining a spotlight on Cleaner Choice manufacturers and finding out more about their company. We started things off with a trip to Yorkshire to visit the Town & Country Fires factory and showroom. From founding the business in 1977, we also learnt about their passion and commitment to making 100% British stoves ensuring sustainability, quick turnaround times and supporting British businesses and economy. Click here to read the Town & Country Fires spotlight.

Next up we visited Wales to meet the team behind Chilli Penguin Stoves, a company that set up in 2001 with a drive to care for the environment, with sustainability in its widest sense forming part of their core values and aims. Learn more about Chilli Penguin Stoves here and look out for our monthly features on Cleaner Choice manufacturers.

Search for Cleaner Choice certified products

It is easy to search the near 300 certified Cleaner Choice products. You can search by brand, product name, along with a range of search filters, from fuel type, efficiency, air control, and additional certification status (Defra exemption and MCS).

Search here for certified products.


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