Changes to Energy Labelling Regulations

The end of 2020 brought about a wide number of significant changes to the way in which solid fuel burning appliances are conformity assessed and marked in compliance with both the Construction Products Regulations and Energy Labelling Regulations for the UK.

Changes to Energy Labelling and the introduction of UKCA mark

UKCA mark

In October 2020, HETAS produced an update on the upcoming changes legislation surrounding the new UKCA marking regime. It is important to note that from 1st January 2022, the previously established CE mark will no longer be recognised within the UK, so it is important for UK manufacturers to ensure over the next 12 months, new solid fuel products placed on the market meet the new conformity assessment requirements of the UKCA regime.  

The UKCA mark

For all you need to know about the UKCA mark click here.

Energy Labelling

Alongside UKCA changes, there have also been some slight regulatory changes to the way in which solid fuel products are currently labelled under the Energy Labelling requirements. The impending changes will likely be minimal for our HETAS registered installers, however HETAS approved manufacturers and approved retailers will need to be aware of their continued responsibilities to ensure they remain in compliance with the legislation of the country in which products are sold.

From 1st January 2021, all products placed on the market in England, Wales and Scotland will need to have affixed the newly designed UK Energy Label, which includes UK flag and reference to new UK energy labelling legislation. There are new label design for all solid fuel appliances, including roomheaters, independent boilers and those package boilers utilising heating components from a number of differing areas.

For easier transition, a copy of the energy label template is available on the government website at

New rules for the labelling of products in Northern Ireland are slightly different to those of the rest of the UK, which requires use of the current EU recognised labelling system. With all these changes it is important to note that currently the testing standard and methodology in which to calculate the Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) required on the label will not change. This includes drafting of an applicable product fiche and ensuring only the primary fuel EEI rating is calculated and included within any manufacturer technical literature.

For more information on calculating your products EEI and responsibilities under the Energy Labelling regulations, visit the members area of the HETAS website at and download;

EPREL Database

From the 1st January 2019, all solid fuel appliance placed on the market were required to be added to the European recognised EPREL database, to include product information and energy labels as part of continued market surveillance of products from consumers and relevant authorities.

As part of the upcoming changes to labelling legislation, those products sold within England, Wales & Scotland will not be required by law to have products listed on the database.

However as above, it is important to note that those manufacturers or importers intending to market products within Northern Ireland or any other EU member states will need to ensure their products are appropriately registered on the database. UK manufacturers should also be aware that one of the requisites for entry on the database is that the manufacturer has a registered address within either Northern Ireland or other EU member state.

Any HETAS approved manufacturers wishing to enter product on the EPREL can do so by following the link here.

Further Information

For more information on responsibilities under the Energy Labelling or UKCA marking schemes, feel free to contact the  HETAS team on 01684 278170 or email

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