Chesneys have made the Cleaner Choice

With nearly 40 years of experience in the industry behind them, Chesneys are committing to making the Cleaner Choice.
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With nearly 40 years of experience in the industry behind them, Chesneys are committing to making the Cleaner Choice. Chesneys is home to a diverse collection of internationally recognised products, specialising in appliances that are as luxurious as they are efficient.  

The recent certification of nine Chesneys appliances in the HETAS Cleaner Choice scheme adds to the every-growing range of products, with an increasing number of manufacturers demonstrating their commitment to minimising emissions and improving product efficiency. 

HETAS Cleaner Choice certified appliances demonstrate the capability to meet the most stringent emissions criteria, being independently verified using the most robust test methodology to produce at least 50% less particulate emissions than current requirements in UK Smoke Control Areas. Cleaner Choice certified appliances are also assessed to ensure they meet – or exceed – legal requirements for all other emissions, as per Ecodesign legislation. 

Cleaner Choice certification provides assurance that a product meets all the relevant safety and performance requirements in the UK and all certified products must contain clear guidance on installation and operation. Cleaner Choice appliances demonstrate a commitment to reduce particulate matter emissions, going above and beyond current requirements to ensure cleaner, safer operation. 

Bruce Allen, CEO of HETAS comments: 

It delights me to see Chesney making the Cleaner Choice. HETAS is pleased that Chesneys are joining other manufacturers in actively working towards minimising their emissions and providing cleaner, safer appliances for their customers. I look forward to seeing Chesneys’ range of Cleaner Choice certified products expand, providing consumer and installer assurance in safety and particulate matter reduction. 

William Chesney – Chesneys Product Management Director: 

With the increasing focus on emissions and having just launched one of the cleanest stoves that is currently available, it made absolute sense to join the Cleaner Choice scheme.” 


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