Chimney Sweep Approval with HETAS

Chimney Sweep Approval with HETAS

HETAS Approved Chimney SweepHETAS recognises the important role of chimney sweeps in ensuring the safe and effective use of solid fuel appliances. HETAS is intending to open up an additional pathway for applicants to the HETAS Approved Chimney Sweep scheme.

Approved Sweeps

For many years HETAS has had an Approved Chimney Sweep scheme for members of recognised chimney sweeping associations or organisations, these being:

More recently Sweep Safe have become recognised as the fourth organisation to partner with HETAS.

Chimney sweeps who choose this route must also attend the appropriate HETAS training course (H003 or H009) and maintain their membership with the association or organisation. The four associations have approved processes in place to effectively train, assess and monitor the membership of their chimney sweeps.

Through the Chimney Safety Group that was formed to include HETAS and the original three associations in early 2018, we have been exploring ways to allow chimney sweeps to become accredited with an association through formal training and assessment. The industry has also recently welcomed the introduction of the chimney sweep NVQ through Chimney Skills as a route to a formal qualification for chimney sweeps. Add to this the opportunity to improve air quality relating to wood burning stoves and the vital role chimney sweeps have in offering the right advice to homeowners.

Another route

We recognise that there are large numbers of people within our industry who do sweep solid fuel chimneys and flues without currently being part of the four recognised organisations. With this in mind HETAS will be adding direct entry route for professional chimney sweeps to be approved via HETAS. We want to continue our working relationship with the recognised associations and this option will remain in place. Additionally, we are developing a pathway for applicants who up to now have chosen not to be a member of partner association  but are able to evidence robust demonstrable experience in chimney sweeping and want to get HETAS approved.

Find out more

To find out more about the routes to becoming a HETAS Approved Chimney Sweep visit our ‘Join Now‘ page.

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