CO Awareness Week 2020

CO Awareness Week 2020 is taking place this year between the 23rd and 29th November.

Through it’s long standing membership with The All Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group (APPCOG), HETAS and our sister company Woodsure are passionate about raising awareness of the dangers of carbon monoxide and the safety measures to take.

CO Awareness Week
CO Awareness Week 2020

HETAS has produced a series of carbon monoxide videos for consumers, covering everything from alarm positioning, signs and symptoms to measures to preventing CO exposure. Take a look at our series of videos here.

Sharing details for these videos can be found in the video links on our YouTube channel.

Further guidance on the appropriate positioning of carbon monoxide alarms is also available in HETAS Technical Note 22. Find out more at

CO Awareness Week 2020 asset kit

You can find out more about CO Awareness Week 2020 and download an asset kit at

The assets kit includes the following:

  • Printable A4 Flyer
  • Printable A3 Poster
  • Fact Sheets
  • Guidance Documents
  • Social Media Posts
  • Social Media Content Snippets
  • Web and Social Banners
  • Logos and Images

About United Against CO

United Against Carbon Monoxide is a new safety initiative ran in collaboration to give important advice about Carbon Monoxide, and how you can protect those you love from it’s deadly effects. With a common goal to raise awareness and education of CO poisoning, United Against CO is formed of charities, organisations, businesses and individuals working together to achieve these goals. This website refers the dangers of Carbon Monoxide, the importance of the correct installation and positioning of CO alarms, as well as providing valuable details on a wide range of Carbon Monoxide alarms, so you can be sure to only purchase a certified alarm, tested to the highest standards.

Get Social for CO Awarness Week 2020

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #coawarenessweek on social media and tag HETAS in your posts.

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