Cost-saving tips to beat the energy crisis

Cost-saving tips to use the heat from your log burner

We know many of you will be looking for cost-saving solutions this winter, so we thought we would offer some tips to utilise the heat from your stove.

Various manufacturers and retailers will stock a range of inventive stove accessories to be used alongside your appliance. These tools can help you make hot drinks or cook, which leads to our first tip to get yourself a stove top kettle. If you can’t be without a hot drink or hot water bottle through winter, a stove kettle is essential. If you prefer coffee consider getting yourself a Moka pot, which you can use to make a rich espresso perfect for that morning caffeine hit.

If you like toast or a crumpet with your hot drink in the morning, consider getting yourself a toasting fork. This tool is simplicity at its best and is suitable for most stoves.

You can also find a selection of cookware available that is appropriate for the oven box or top plate, which can be used to make a variety of dishes. We regularly see innovative recipes being cooked on social media and one of our approved manufacturers, Chilli Penguin Stoves, regularly shares their customers’ dishes.


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Another useful tool, is a stove fan. These are placed on your stove and distribute heat around the room. Using this in combination with burning quality fuel can ensure you are getting the most from your appliance. Find your local Ready to Burn wood fuel supplier here or select a manufactured solid fuel from the Smoke Control website that has a code starting with MSF. These fuels are suitable for immediate use. If you season your own firewood, a moisture meter is a must have, so you can be sure your firewood is dry to burn. You can purchase a moisture meter from our support team.

If you are looking for an appliance that combines functionality and utilises cheaper fuels, we have the first Cleaner Choice Approved range cooker on the scheme from Salamander Stoves. Use the HETAS Product Search to view the range of Cleaner Choice Approved appliances, as well as approved flues & chimneys, ventilation, and ancillary equipment.

Speak with your installer or manufacturer if you are unsure of the suitability of your appliance to use any specific stove accessories. Some stoves are designed to enable you to utilise the oven box and top plate, but this might not be the case for every appliance.


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