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The Stove Box

App. Type: Prefabricated Fireplace Recess
Std. Tested to: Laboratory Assessment
Manufacturer Remarks: A prefabricated insulated replace recess liner. Proven benefits include: (1) Prevents most potential heat loss through the recess surroundings reducing this heat  flux value from 86W to 11W. (2) Where the installation is through an outside wall The Stove Box should save the homeowner approximately 1.5% in running costs. (3) The Stove Box creates a change in component outputs from the stove making the radiated heat component higher in relation to the convective heat output. The overall effect created is to make the user feel more comfortable and hotter (both quicker and ultimately) than compared to a conventional installation. It should be noted that the stove box does not change the e ciency or rated heat output of the installed appliance/stove. No safety assessment has been made to con rm it is safe to duct convected heat from the inside of the stove box to another room and this is not approved by HETAS.
Manufacturer Address: Unit 13, Island Carr Industrial Estate, Island Carr Road, Brigg, North Lincolnshire, DN20 8PD
Manufacturer Email: [email protected]
Telephone Number: 01652 650694

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