Wiking Miro 1

HETAS ID: E22716
App. Type: Roomheaters
Fuel Type: Wood Logs
Certificate Ref: AA-2023-21/05
Std. Tested to: EN 13240:2001
Hearth Req: Single Sheet
Manufacturer Address: HWAM, AS Nydamsvej 53, 8362 Horning, Denmark
Manufacturer Email: [email protected]
Telephone Number: (+) 4586921833
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HETAS has audited and verified that all applicable clauses in the test report have been passed in respect of the materials, design, and construction in accordance with the relevant BS EN type test standard for the appropriate technology, performance criteria of which is below;

Nominal Output - Wood Logs 4.9KW
Net Efficiency - Wood Logs 78%
Gross Efficiency - Wood Logs 71%


In support of reducing the impacts of particulate emissions on the UK's overall air quality targets, HETAS “Cleaner Choice” appliances have been independently verified as exceeding the current requirements for UK smoke control areas for particulate matter, including PM2.5's by 50% of that required by DEFRA;


Improvement on Clean Air Act Particulate Limit – Full Load


Improvement on Clean Air Act Particulate Limit – Part Load


The product certified has been assessed for its suitability for installation in domestic properties against the requirements of the Building Regulations and appropriate standards. The performance of the appliance has been verified as meeting the following technical performance attributes;

Combustible Clearances - Rear 100 mm
Combustible Clearances - Side 520 mm
Hearth Temperature > 31
Appliance Spigot SIze 150 mm
Minimum Flue Diameter 150 mm
Recomended Flue Draught 12Pa
External Air Supply Compatible *No
Tool Required for Refue/De-Ash Yes
Flue Draught test Point No

*HETAS product approval is not valid for appliances fitted with an external air supply ducted directly to the appliance. The installer should reference HETAS technical note TN_0020 General Guidance for the Installation, Risk Assessment & Commissioning of Solid Fuel Appliances with a Dedicated External Air Supply for more information.

Technical Data

The purpose of this HETAS Stove Approval Scheme is to help consumers, retailers, installers and others to identify stoves with lower particulate (PM) emissions. There are concerns that small particle emissions known as PM2.5 to PM10 can be harmful. For that reason, we are operating a scheme which only accepts appliances that are tested to emit lower emissions compared to the current legal requirements. We have chosen to set the bar for entry at 50% less emissions than required for exemption for use in smoke control areas in the UK. We also note that Ecodesign legislation has differing, but important limits for other emission and any appliances listed here must meet those requirements as well as exceeding the particulate emission values for exemption by at least 50%.

Additionally, the product certified has been assessed for its compliance against the legal requirements for emissions and efficiency stipulated within the Ecodesign regulations. The performance of the appliance has been verified as meeting the following environmental attributes;

PM - Wood Logs 18 mg/m3
OGC Emissions - Wood Logs 60 mg/m3
CO Emissions - Wood Logs 1125 mg/m3
NOx Emissions - Wood Logs 114 mg/m3
Seasonal Efficiency - Wood Logs 68%
Energy Label Ratings A

Appliance Dimensions

Height 712mm
Width 468mm
Depth 356mm

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