Evidencing your installations

The HETAS team offer guidance to registered installers for evidencing your installations.
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It has been a very busy heating season for all aspects of the industry and all indications show that we may not have the usual seasonal quieter period as with most years. With increasing demand, it’s vital that installers continue to take time to ensure that all steps are taken to minimise risk and thoroughly document completed works.

To avoid unnecessary complaints and concerns (which can add to an already busy diary), HETAS highly recommend retaining information about your installations and saving it electronically. This could include:

  • A photograph of the carbon monoxide (CO) alarm placement
  • A photograph of the notice plate
  • A photograph/scan of the commissioning sheet
  • A copy of the handover information
  • A copy of the quote & invoice

All installers have been in the position where a customer has moved the CO alarm moments after you have packed up the van, or the notice plate goes missing despite you having a clear memory of fitting this in place. By keeping a file of these key points, you are prepared in the eventuality that a customer raises a concern, you cannot attend a routine inspection, or even in the worst-case scenario of a fire or carbon monoxide incident.

If you, as a registrant, need assistance or advice in safeguarding your business, templates for commissioning, risk assessments, or complaints templates – please contact us by calling 01684 278170 or emailing [email protected] and we will be happy to assist.

Also, HETAS registrants can request legal advice through LawBite by calling 02071 481066 or Promediate UK (mediation services) on 01928 732455 or by email to [email protected].

HETAS registrants can access a range of guidance from the HETAS Technical Hub, this includes commissioning; planning; installation; testing; reporting and notification. You can also download supporting documentation. Login is required for the Technical Hub and please contact us if you need further assistance.


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