DEFRA Exempt Appliances

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Burning solid mineral fuels and biomass on an exempted appliance has a wide number of consumer benefits when considering the impacts on air quality and ensuring fuels are burnt in the cleanest way possible.

An exempt appliance is an appliance such as an oven, boiler or stove which has been specifically exempted to burn unauthorized fuels under the Clean Air Act:1993.

These appliances have been tested to confirm they are capable of burning unauthorized fuels whilst only emitting minimal amounts of smoke emission into the atmosphere.

Advantages of an Exempt Appliance

  • Appliances tested and verified to ensure that only minimal amount of smoke emission is dispersed into atmosphere.
  • Tested under all conditions of user operation, at high output and low output, ensuring the appliance when using the correct quantity of fuel does not emit heavy smoke emission
  • Specifically designed so that air control remain open at all times under operation, avoiding ability to operate the appliance under slumbering conditions
  • Eligible to burn specified unauthorized fuels confirmed under test within all parts of the UK, including smoke control areas
  • Ability for the appliance to be installed on a 5″ liner , meaning easier installation capabilities

Local Authorities are responsible for designation and supervision of Smoke Control Areas. To be certain the appliance meets the caveats detailed above, visit