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HETAS attains Chairmanship of Recreational Craft Committee

The team is pleased to announce that they have attained the Chairmanship position within the BSI mirror committee RHE/28, responsible for the development of technical standards and improvements in safety measures for solid fuel appliance installations on recreational craft.

With over 30,000 licensed boats on the inland waterways, a wide number are using renewable fuel sources to heat habitable accommodation. HETAS has seen a rise in enquiries received regarding the effective design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of stoves on boats. HETAS is continually striving to improve installation standards within the solid fuel industry. We offer appropriate support to future industry initiatives and activities amongst installers, manufacturers and other appropriate bodies, as well as aiding to raise consumer awareness on safety and efficient operation of appliances.

To strengthen links within the craft sector, HETAS is looking to form new relationships to promote solid fuel safety on boats, working with The Boat Safety Scheme to increase awareness on appropriate practices. The Boat Safety Scheme is a public safety initiative to help minimise the risk of boat fires, explosion and pollution amongst domestic and commercial waterway users.

The principal standard managed by the RHE sub-committee is BS 8511, whose scope covers the code of practice for the installation of solid fuel and cooking equipment for fitting in small craft from 2.5m to 24m in length, likely to cover installations in narrow boats, wide-beam, converted barges and static houseboats. The standard was last confirmed in 2015, and gives an approach for installers to follow for appliance selection, design consideration installation requirements, inspection and testing, as well as preparing instructions for the end user of the appliance.

RHE/28 Sub Committee

RHE/28 sub-committee for small craft will also have the added benefit of new representation from Stephen Shepherd at HETAS. Stephen has a wealth of experience within the boating sector as a previous BSS assessor, also providing appropriate safety training to boat safety assessors through the local college. This included improved practical knowledge on boat systems such as fuel, electric and gas.

HETAS will be looking to support the sector in meeting its future objectives on increased awareness, through the formulation of additional technical guidance within HETAS training, helpline support, product approval and marketing activities.

For more information contact info@hetas.co.uk or call 01684 278170.

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