HETAS launches the first full Ecodesign Compliant appliance scheme

HETAS launches the first full Ecodesign Compliant appliance scheme
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As we assist industry in preparing for full compliance of stoves in two years’ time, we have reviewed and further developed the HETAS Approved appliance scheme and launched the first full Ecodesign Compliant appliance scheme for stoves and boilers. We believe that having appliances assessed by an independent and impartial third-party verification scheme is fundamental in giving installers and homeowners confidence in choosing a fully Ecodesign compliant stove. It is also a trusted mark of approval for product manufacturers.

Ecodesign Compliant stoves and boilers

With full compliance imminent for independent boilers, HETAS has committed to launching the annual Guide to Approved Products early in 2020 which will help installers to easily identify appliances that comply with the new regulations as well as existing ones. All solid fuel burning appliances that meet the new Ecodesign limits for seasonal efficiency and emissions can have full use of the HETAS Ecodesign compliant logo to clearly identify them.

HETAS offers industry support through multiple channels including a helpline for installers and consumers which is used to promote the use of HETAS Approved appliances (and Ecodesign Compliant appliances) because doing so can make their lives easier. If they choose to use an appliance that isn’t HETAS Approved, we won’t be able to confirm that it is compliant with all current legal requirements and regulations unless the installer can provide the appropriate CE mark, Energy Label and other declarations of conformity that give confidence that the product meets UK specific requirements.

This is what makes the HETAS Appliance scheme so useful to installers and their customers. It’s also much easier for installers to notify HETAS Approved appliances, as we will have the necessary data on them already, so the process is quick and simple.

Manufacturers with HETAS approved products can benefit from the following;

  • Independently verified appliances
  • Inclusion in the HETAS Guide, printed and online
  • Access to the Technical Helpline
  • Recommendations of your products via HETAS approved retailers, Consumer information and HETAS registered businesses
  • Use of HETAS marketing materials and logos, including the new Ecodesign Compliant logo
  • Simple payment options
  • Representation to, and working with Government departments on key issues
  • HETAS Technical Committee – have your say at regular industry meetings

As we move towards full compliance for boilers and stoves, we recognise that consumers, installers, manufacturers, retailers, specifiers, architects and local authorities will need to rely heavily on advice from HETAS.  As such, our website and search facility, as well as our printed guide, are readily available to provide the information needed at www.hetas.co.uk/find-appliance.

Manufacturers or distributors can now apply to use the HETAS Ecodesign Compliant logo by contacting us on 01684 278170 or by email to [email protected].


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