Manufacturers are helping consumers make a Cleaner Choice

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Following its launch earlier this year, the HETAS Cleaner Choice Product Approval Scheme is proving successful in working with manufacturers to drive consumers towards the cleanest burning biomass and solid fuel appliances. Products approved by the scheme are proven to go above and beyond in minimising harmful particle emissions, reducing the impact of their use on air quality and the environment.

In line with on-going government strategies to promote cleaner air and support consumer choice decisions in the purchase of environmentally responsible products, HETAS launched the independent Cleaner Choice initiative for UK biomass and solid fuel products.

As the Cleaner Choice scheme continues to grow, product manufacturers are finding value in the following benefits: 

  • comprehensive product listings featured on the brand new HETAS website
  • full access to the HETAS technical helpline for product support queries
  • website login to access exclusive content such as technical notes, position statements, guidance
  • support on product queries through the HETAS consumer helpline
  • updates on the latest proposals and changes to product standards and regulations

These developments have reformed the recognised HETAS Product Approval Scheme and align with changing legal requirements, as well as keeping up with demand from consumers for appliances that can be utilised for the environmentally responsible and safe burning of cleaner and lower carbon fuels.

Calvin May, HETAS Head of Technical Services, says:

Air quality and carbon reduction continues to be a topic of conversation with consumers contacting HETAS for advice on their chosen appliance. Yet more so, people are now looking for alternative, cost-effective solutions for heating their homes instead of relying on electric, gas or oil as energy prices soar. It’s more important now than ever that we work together to guide consumers towards making the right choices for their pockets as well as the environment.

“Manufacturers are finding that they are getting real value for money from the initiative from having access to the technical helpline or logging into the technical area of the new website, and more manufacturers are getting involved in supporting HETAS technical committees, providing feedback and sharing knowledge that’s helping to shape the industry’s future.”

The HETAS Cleaner Choice Approval Scheme is unique in that HETAS is a third party independent and impartial certification body that relies on first-hand review of test data from notified laboratories in checking that each appliance meets, and in critical areas, exceeds some of the most stringent limits set by tested standards and test methods.

The HETAS Cleaner Choice Approval Scheme, while focused on particulate emissions, also provides the consumer and installer assurance that the appliance listed meets all the relevant regulations in the UK as before, including safety and performance requirements, correct operation, and correct installation for HETAS registrants.

Manufacturers can apply by contacting Liv Pickford on 01684 215255 or emailing [email protected].



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