More than just a wood burner

Have you got a stove top kettle?

One bonus of having a wood burner is being able to boil water on the stove top. Hearing that distinctive whistle from the kettle and the tea just tastes better. There are a range of stove top kettles available, you can spend anything from £20 to over £100.

more than a woodburner
Chilli Penguin – Fat Penguin

Celebrate National Tea Day on 21st April with us and show us your stove top kettles. Remember to tag HETAS.

There’s no better way to enjoy a cuppa than with a biscuit. Of course, there’s a National Biscuit Day as well but that’s not until 29th May. Keep an eye on our social media and let us know your favourite biscuit to enjoy with tea.

There are many accessories you can pick up for your wood burner from toasting forks to a pie iron for the perfect toastie. Speak to your local approved retailer for the added extras you need.

Let us know how your wood burner is not just a wood burner…

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