Online Notifications FAQs

As HETAS moves all of our registered installers to using online notifications, we understand you may have some questions relating to this. Below we have answered some of the most common questions that our team are being asked. The scheme requirement to notify your installations sits with the Competent Person Scheme for England and Wales.

Why is HETAS moving to online notifications only?

The majority of our registered installers are now using the HETAS Technical Hub to notify their installations. There are many benefits to moving online:

  • It is cheaper for you than paper notifications.
  • There is no longer a risk of lost post.
  • It is easy to notify online by following a few steps, and can be done from your own home or on site.
  • Confirm immediately that your notification has been submitted to HETAS.
  • View the notification history for your current HETAS registration in one place. If you need any information from any previous registrations or company names, please call the team and we can provide this for you.
  • You no longer have to give the consumer their certificate. We will do that for you.
  • Demonstrate immediately to your customer that the installation has been submitted to HETAS.
  • Quicker notification to the relevant Local Authority.

What shall I do if I have existing stock of paper notifications on 1st September?

Don’t panic! We will continue to process paper notifications until the end of January 2023. If you haven’t used all your paper certifications by then, we will do a like for like swap for paper to online notifications.

How long will it take to get my new login details for the Technical Hub?

This should be a quick process, if you have any queries contact our team on 01684 278170, they can reset this for you. Alternatively head to the Technical Hub and click ‘Lost Your Password’.

Where can I learn more about how to notify online?

We’ve made a simple step by step video on how to notify. It’s an easy process and you can notify at any time of the day. Head over to YouTube and watch the video now.

Where can I order credits to notify online?

To get started you’ll need to access your personal account in the HETAS Technical Hub. Here you can order credits in bundles. The HETAS Shop also has a number of credit bundles, so you can order notice plates and commissioning sheets at the same time.

Can I notify using my phone?

The HETAS Technical Hub can be accessed on laptops, mobiles and tablets, ease of use will depend on the type and browser being used.

What do I enter in the online notification under the “Installer Reference”?

This is for you to decide, but there is no requirement to complete this field. You could use a reference number such as the quote or invoice number for the installation. Try to avoid using details that could be used to identify someone, such as a full name of the customer. If you don’t enter anything, you’ll still be able to search your notifications by postcode.

What if I’ve accidentally chosen the wrong address on the notification?

If you make a mistake, please contact us and we will advise you of the ways that you can rectify the error as the process will vary depending upon when you notified the installation. Our team can be contacted on 01684 278170 or by email.

How long do I have to notify the installation online?

The HETAS Conditions of Registrations states that you need to notify your installation within 10 days of the installation date. If you submit after this time you will see a warning that it is a late notification although it will still be processed. If you submit after 25 days it is probable that the notification will be rejected by Building Control. The legal requirement is to notify works within 30 days, time permitted to get the reports to local authorities. The sooner you notify, the sooner your customer will receive their certificate through the post and we can get the notification submitted to the Local Authority. 

HETAS Technical Hub Access

HETAS registered businesses can access a range of documents and services in our exclusive Technical Hub. From notifying your recent installations, viewing your installation history, business details with HETAS through to all the HETAS Technical Bulletins and guidance documents.


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