Are you ready for Energy Labelling?

Are you ready for Energy Labelling?

Energy Labelling Guidance

 Energy Labelling

The Energy Labelling Directive was introduced to make consumer choice on appliance selection easier, and to allow for more informed choices on solid fuel equipment purchases to be made in relation to the efficiency level of solid fuel systems and system packages on the market today.

All newly manufactured solid fuel appliances sold in retailer outlets and from suppliers after the implementation dates (detailed in the guidance) will have affixed to the front of them a legible copy of the energy label, giving further technical details and information on the appliance performance capabilities and energy rating.

Implementation Dates

The dates of implementation for when the Energy Labelling Directive becomes mandatory are as follows:

  • Independent Boiler Appliances (providing heat solely for central heating and hot water) – 1st April 2017
  • Roomheater Stoves (providing heat into the room in which they are installed) – 1st January 2018

HETAS has developed specific guidance for manufacturers, installers and retailers. Follow the links below for the specific guidance which is available in the HETAS Technical Area (registration with HETAS required for access):

The HETAS Technical Helpline is available to discuss the requirements should you have any questions relating to the guidance provided by HETAS. Call 01684 278194. Manufacturers of appliances can contact the Product Approval team on 01684 278183.

Click here to login to the HETAS Technical Area.

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