Refuel your appliance safely

We have some top tips on how to light a fire, but recent research has raised the issue of refuelling your fire.

It is important to note that you shouldn’t expect to have smoke or products of combustion coming into your room when refuelling your fire, if you do, it is worth contacting your registered installer or chimney sweep for advice. 

Always follow the instructions for your appliance and as a general rule, the following tips will help you to safely refuel your fire. 

  • Check manufacturer’s instructions for appliance specific guidance 
  • Have everything you need close by, gloves, poker and new fuel 
  • Refuel when down to glowing embers 
  • Open the door by small amount, pause, to allow air pressure to adjust, before opening door slowly to refuel 
  • Add fuel 
    • Avoid overloading 
    • Leave space for air circulation 
  • Close the door 
  • Allow fuel to burn on high before adjusting to desired level 

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