Rytons exclusive offer for HETAS Registered Installers

This heating season Rytons has an exclusive offer for HETAS Registered Installers.
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This heating season Rytons are excited to show HETAS Registered Installers how small a Rytons stove vent can be with our FREE Mini LookRyt® AirCore® sample board. Kept handy, they hope it will help to increase sales by demonstrating how discreet the inside panel is and how over-ventilating is reduced to avoid heat loss and draughts.

HETAS Registered Installers can request a FREE Mini LookRyt® AirCore® sample board by emailing [email protected] or calling 01536 511874 (available while stocks last).

Here is a quick reminder of how using Rytons Mini LookRyt® AirCore® makes everyone happy…

With a 77mm diameter tube and patented draught-reducing panel barely bigger than a light switch, over-ventilating is kept to a minimum, avoiding heat loss to keep the room warm and comfortable.

It has a perfect airflow for popular stove installations. Use with appliances up to 5kW in modern insulated homes and 10kW in older properties. HETAS Approved, it is the ideal vent to keep in stock.

Stove Output Compatibility Chart Rytons Mini LookRyt AirCore (AC3LP)

House built Stove without a flue draught stabiliser Stove fitted with a flue draught stabiliser
Prior to 2008* Up to 10kW Up to 6kW
In or after 2008 up 5kW Up to 3kW

*If the house has been extensively upgraded for increased airtightness use post 2008 calculations. Refer to Appendix F of the Building Regulations Part J for measures that constitute significantly improving airtightness.

Not only does it provide the necessary airflow for many stoves, but the panel faceplate can be painted or wallpapered to match the room décor – now you have a vent that truly fades into the background.

Find a list of approved permanent ventilators on our ancillary product search.


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