Sweep Safe

Sweep Safe

Sweep Safe was conceived in April 2018 as a new type of Chimney Sweep Organisation for the UK and Ireland. Sweep Safe works to build a recognisable consumer brand, a powerful identity (Logo, name, colours, presence) in the market place and ensure their certified chimney sweeps are the prime beneficiary from this brand power.

The organaisation is highly digital and marketing driven, both to promote its members to consumers and promote itself in the industry. Sweep Safe requires prior experience working in the industry before acceptance of membership.


  • To establish a recognisable, trusted brand with consumers for the Chimney Sweeping industry.
  • To provide business leads through our consumer focused website and social channels ads.
  • To act as a trade organisation for chimney sweeps
  • To improve standards of the Chimney Sweeping industry.
  • To provide members with marketing tools and platforms for developing their business.
  • To provide assessment of skills, ongoing training and business development courses.
  • To work with partner organisations on behalf of members
  • Raising public awareness of reducing pollution and energy waste.
  • Raising public awareness on all safety issues relating to chimneys and the use of solid fuel appliances.

Sweep Safe Contact Details

Address: 64 Tor Hill Road, Torquay, TQ2 5RY
Telephone: 01803 390087
Website: sweepsafe.com
Email: admin@sweepsafe.com

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