The Cleaner Choice approval scheme is growing!

A growing number of manufacturers are joining the Cleaner Choice product approval scheme, including pellet appliances and a range cooker.
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A growing number of manufacturers are signing up to make the Cleaner Choice with HETAS.

From an industry perspective, it is vital that we promote the cleanest appliances and advise the many consumers contacting us and reading our messages, to make more informed choices and access information in an easy to understand and transparent format.

The HETAS Cleaner Choice Approval Scheme was launched earlier in the year.  While focused on particulate emissions, the scheme also provides the consumer and installer assurance that the appliance listed meets all the relevant regulations in the UK. This includes safety and performance requirements and ensures manufacturer instructions give clear guidance on the correct operation and correct installation for our registered installers.

The Cleaner Choice scheme has a lower level of particulate emissions than the most stringent legislation requires within current Smoke Control Areas as required by the Clean Air Act. This means that an appliance must meet both the current requirements for exemption and have attained listing on the DEFRA website, whilst also achieving at least a 50% improvement on current particulate limits for exemption when measured using the more robust test methodology recognised within the UK. In doing this we are demonstrating to buyers that appliances can be used to burn fuels in an environmentally responsible way and operated in a way that negates excess smoke emission.

The comprehensive HETAS product search results provide a range of useful information, including the following: 

  • Performance – output and efficiencies. 
  • Environment – particulate emissions against Clean Air Act requirements and percentage improvement on Clean Air Act limits. 
  • Safety – clearances to combustibles, flue draught (and if a test point is available), external air supply options. 
  • Technical data – PM, OGC, CO, NOx, Energy Label Rating and relevant documentation. 
  • Up-to-date copies of installation and operating instructions. 

Our latest HETAS Technical Bulletin, edition 27, covered how pellet stoves can help consumers in making the Cleaner Choice when it comes to domestic combustion. The Bulletin is available in the HETAS Technical Hub. 

Salamander Stoves also joined the scheme with the first HETAS Cleaner Choice Approved range cooker. Their products join hundreds of other stoves, pellet stoves, boilers and biomass appliances in becoming Cleaner Choice. 

Salamander Stoves Range Cooker

In addition to searching Cleaner Choice products, the website search includes HETAS Approved Products such as flues & chimneys, ventilation, as well as a range of ancillary equipment.


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