There are currently no specific technical standards for assessing the design, production or performance of insulation board products in applications of solid fuel appliance installations, although measures do exist to assess these products against relevant safety standards.

The equipment in this listing has undergone an independent review to ensure the product meets the necessary requirements stipulated within Building Regulation Guidance (ADJ), applicable British Standards and HETAS Technical Note TN0024, and that a Declaration of Conformity has been issued and made available to the industry as permitted.

Promat Promafour

Board Type:                     Calcium Silicate

Reaction to Fire Rating:   A1 Non-Combustible

Max. Service Temp:         400°C

Thermal Conductivity:      0.192 W/m*K

Board Thickness:             15 mm

Board Density:                 940kg/m3

Shield Air Gap:                 34 mm

Min Distance Rear:          120 mm

Min Distance Side:           110 mm

Approval Status

Listing based on its suitability for use with biomass & solid fuel appliance installations in applications for the relining of an existing masonry recess or protection of combustible materials in-line with the provisions stipulated in BS 8511 only. Assessment undertaken against the provisions within BS EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009 by WarringtonFireAgent, ref: 15800C dated  and BS EN 1094-6:2000 by MPA NRW, ref: 420002389.

Additional Notes

Before installation of the product it is important to ensure that for relining applications;

The product is installed following the provisions detailed in the board manufacturers installation instructions
The appliance manufacturers clearance distances to non-combustibles are adhered to at all times
Guidance in HETAS Technical Note TN0024 is followed where applicable

Before installation of the product it is important to ensure that for combustible protection applications;

The product is installed following the provisions of HETAS Technical Note TN0024
Only those appliances with a verified minimum clearance distance to combustibles of 700mm or less can be used in these applications
Product manufacturer installation instructions are referenced and followed where applicable

The product above also confirms that the manufacturer has undertaken the necessary identification of risks and has carried out the appropriate product testing before distribution, whilst keeping record of this information within a suitable technical file as required under the provisions of the relevant directives

The listings given in this guide are recognition that the manufacturer has taken all necessary steps to ensure their product is safe and fit for its purpose when installed in accordance with the instructions. These listings therefore do not constitute a full approval, but a listing that confirms that HETAS have undertaken the relevant checks to ensure the manufacturer has carried out the relevant steps regarding safety and CE marking of the product.


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