Which? Trusted Traders

Stand out from the rest.  Become a Which Trusted trader.

Every trader in the Which Trusted Trader scheme has been checked and assessed by Which? Trusted Traders’ team of trading standards professionals.  If you meet the scheme’s high standards, you too could go on to join as an endorsed trader.

For a fee you can apply to join the Which? Trusted Traders scheme.  Which? will then assess your business to see if you are eligible to become an endorsed trader.  Upon meeting the requirements and passing the assessment process, HETAS members can join the scheme and benefit from a discounted membership rate.

 Which? has been testing products and services for nearly 60 years. Like the well-known Best Buy logo, the Which? Trusted trader logo is a sign of reputation and trust. It helps all consumers, not just Which? members, feel more confident in their choice of trader.

Just as your HETAS registration shows potential customers that you are highly skilled, an endorsement from Which? Trusted Traders shows customers that you are considered consumer focused and trustworthy by the UK’s largest independent consumer organisation.

HETAS members can benefit from a 50% discount on the Which? Trusted Traders monthly membership fee for the first 6 months of membership. The assessment fee will be £200 ex VAT.

Call 0117 4566031 to receive this offer (Terms and conditions apply).

What are the benefits?

  • You’ll get to use the Which Trusted Trader endorsement logo on all your business and promotional materials
  • You’ll get a searchable business profile on the Which? Trusted Traders website for everyone to see, not just Which? members
  • You’ll get access to an independent Alternative Dispute Resolution service should anything go wrong.
  • You’ll get to benefit from Which? Trusted Traders’ brand marketing and advertising – on TV and online
  • You’ll receive a copy of Which? magazine each month and access to co.uk
  • You’ll have access to Which? Trusted Traders’ dedicated customer support team and regular updates on regulatory changes that affect your business. (See links below for examples of regulatory advice).

Call 0117 4566031 to find out more. This offer is only available by phone.

Terms and Conditions

  1. This offer is open to members of HETAS (“eligible applicants”).
  2. Eligible applicants wishing to take up the offer must apply to be assessed by calling 0117 4566031.
  3. The Which? Trusted Traders (WTT) assessment process includes a visit from a Trading Standards assessor. As part of the assessment process Which? will review the eligible applicant’s business documentation, business practices, complaints handling processes, and a selection of customer references and as well as undertaking a credit report on the eligible applicant’s business. For further details of the WTT assessment process, please call 0117 4566031.
  4. The assessment costs £200 + VAT for businesses of up to 19 employees, which is a one-off fee. If an eligible applicant passes the WTT assessment process and decides to join the WTT scheme they will be entitled to 50% off the standard WTT monthly membership fee for the first six months of membership, providing they remain a member of HETAS. If an eligible applicant ceases to be a HETAS member, the discounted rate will cease to apply from the date the eligible applicant ceased to be a HETAS member. Membership fees vary depending on the size of the business. For further details of the current WTT membership rates, please call 0117 4566031.
  5. Membership of the WTT Scheme is at all times subject to compliance with all WTT Scheme terms and conditions, (including the WTT Code of Conduct), and payment of applicable fees.


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