Policy on Managing Unreasonable Behaviour


We will always try our best to deliver great service and actively welcome feedback. There may be occasions where those wishing to contact us may be frustrated or upset. Where we feel that this frustration has become unreasonable behaviour, our staff will take action to handle this. We have to consider whether a customer’s actions are having an impact on our ability to do our work and to provide a service to others.

The Policy on Managing Unreasonable Behaviour sets out what we define to be unreasonable behaviour and the steps that will be taken by us.  

We consider unreasonable behaviour to include but not be limited to the following: 

  • offensive language 
  • any form of discrimination 
  • inflammatory statements 
  • threat of physical violence 
  • discourtesy 
  • unreasonable demands 
  • aggressive or abusive behaviour 
  • excessive levels of contact


As an organisation, we hold a zero tolerance policy on abusive or unreasonable behaviour towards our staff. All colleagues are instructed to terminate contact with any customer where this behaviour applies and to escalate to a senior member of staff.  

Where we consider behaviour or those contacting us to be unreasonable, we will examine the further actions to take.  

This may include but not be limited to: 

  • insistence that future communications are made in writing only 
  • cease all communications except through a customers representative  
  • stop communicating about an area we feel has already been responded to 
  • refuse assistance entirely
  • in respect of our registrants, terminate registration 
  • in circumstances we consider to be exceptional, notify relevant public authorities 


In circumstances where the above actions are required to be undertaken, the respective person will be contacted in writing to outline any next steps, who they may contact as well as the period for which any condition applies.  

Should a respective person wish to challenge a decision made in this regard, this should be made in writing and marked for the attention for the member of staff who has delivered the outcome.


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