What’s changing for RHI recipients with biomass appliances?

3D Rendering Biomass Boiler

There are upcoming changes to those in receipt of domestic and non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for their biomass appliances. Initially, recipients of the non-domestic RHI for biomass boilers will be required to have annual planned maintenance that meets the MCS Standard. The government plan to draw up legislation in February 2022, with an aim to introduce regulation from April 2022.

The Standard was prepared by the MCS Biomass Maintenance Working Group in consultation with the industry. It follows research by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), which acknowledged that poorly maintained appliances emit particulates that damage air quality. Lack of operator knowledge and maintenance are the primary reasons for poor functioning biomass boilers and increased emissions.

HETAS Approved Biomass Maintenance Scheme

We have launched a new registration scheme for engineers to demonstrate their competency in the service and maintenance of domestic and non-domestic biomass boilers. This is recognised by BEIS and the RHI scheme administrator OFGEM as a route for servicing businesses to demonstrate that they meet the necessary standards.

The new scheme identifies competent maintenance businesses and individuals that can carry out manufacturers’ required appliance maintenance and raise the importance of burning the correct fuel. Engineers registered on the scheme will be able to meet the requirements placed on domestic and non-domestic recipients of the RHI to prove their appliance is properly maintained.

Competent businesses and individuals can be found by using your postcode in the Biomass Maintenance search and you’ll find guidance just below the search box on how to find the right person for your appliance.

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