Becoming a HETAS Sweep & Service Technician

HETAS training courses are an ideal way to expand your abilities or start a new career; HETAS Sweep & Service Technicians receive industry-leading training, gaining confidence to proficiently sweep a chimney and undertake servicing and maintenance.
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The HETAS H009 Service & Maintenance Course, H009S Sweeping Module, and the H011 Sweeping Course train candidates extensively in stove maintenance, fault diagnosis, and chimney sweeping serving solid fuel appliances.

Whether you’re new to the industry and looking to start a career in chimney sweeping or have relevant experience and are looking to widen your abilities, HETAS has the courses to help you succeed. H009, H009S, and H011 consist of quality materials that will assist you in your journey, ensuring you can provide the best service possible and keep your customers safe.


Broaden your capabilities by learning best practices from Approved Document J and British Standards, gaining the confidence to service and maintain installations. HETAS Sweep & Service Technicians receive industry-leading training, gaining confidence to proficiently sweep a chimney and undertake servicing and maintenance.

Offering additional services to existing customers can facilitate future work – every installation that requires maintenance also has a chimney that needs to be swept twice a year. Utilise the skills offered through HETAS training courses to diversify your skills and build a loyal customer base.

What course is best for me?

H009 | Service & Maintenance

Completing H009 will grant you the ability to service and maintain dry solid fuel appliances, identifying any faults that may arise. Undertaking this course will provide you with the knowledge of safe operation, commissioning, and maintenance requirements for dry solid fuel appliances.

This course is best suited for individuals with relevant experience (such as chimney sweeps, stove retailers, or maintenance operatives) who do not wish to undertake installation work. Prerequisite experience is required to undertake this course; see the course listing for more details.

Taught over approximately 2 days, this course is assessed through theory and practical tests.

On completion of this course, you can register the competence of Service and Maintenance of Dry Solid Fuel Appliances.

Completing this course allows you to undertake H009S which, upon completion, grants you the opportunity to join the HETAS Sweep & Service Scheme.

H009S | Sweeping Module

H009S covers sweeping activities, ranging from sweeping methods to commissioning requirements. The sweeping module is designed to encompass all factors that contribute to a safe and successful chimney sweep, providing you with the knowledge and practical skills to sweep solid fuel appliances.

Candidates must have demonstrable, appropriate work experience or have previously completed H003/DS, H005, or H009 to enrol on this course. For further information on the course prerequisites, see the course listing.

This course is taught over one day and is assessed through theory and interactive group activities.

Online Sweeping Module

The Online Sweeping Module is designed to be undertaken by existing sweeps who have already trained with a trade association and will award you with sweeping competencies. Your existing knowledge will be used as the foundation in this course; you can demonstrate your expertise and successful candidates will gain the opportunity to join the HETAS Sweep & Service Scheme.

This course is designed to be taken at your own pace and is assessed wholly on theory.

H011 | Sweeping Course

The H011 Sweeping Course is a comprehensive course that trains candidates to become an accomplished chimney sweep and undertake servicing and maintenance work on dry solid fuel appliances. This course covers the wide range of content relating to sweeping and servicing.

Prior experience is not needed to enrol on this course. H011 is comprised of all the information and practical experience needed for you to become a HETAS Sweep & Service Technician, providing comprehensive training that teaches every skill necessary to undertake sweeping, maintenance, and servicing to the highest standards.

Theory and practical assessments are utilised to ensure candidates have the comprehension and practical capabilities to become a HETAS Sweep & Service Technician.

What is covered in the courses?

H009, H009S, and H011 cover the wide range of skills required to become a HETAS Sweep & Service Technician. This content includes, but is not limited to:

  • Safe operation and testing of appliances
  • Sweeping and sealing methods
  • Soot classification
  • Combustion ventilation
  • Flue draught testing
  • Smoke draw & flue draught interference tests
  • CO alarm positioning
  • HETAS unsafe situations procedure (HUSP)

Candidates gain the expertise and knowledge to recognise correct installations, identify faults, and adhere to the relevant regulations. These courses provide comprehensive training that ensures candidates are capable of chimney sweeping and appliance servicing to the highest standard.

HETAS Sweep & Service Technicians are competent in all aspects of sweeping and servicing, with the knowledge and practical ability to keep installations safe and adhere to regulations.

Benefits of training with HETAS

Create a versatile career

Expanding your skills will enable you to diversify the services you offer to your customers. By having a wider range of competencies, you will stand out among competitors and demonstrate your expertise and commitment to the trade.

For example, completing H011 will give you the knowledge, skills, and practical experience required to safely sweep and service chimneys following maintenance of a customer’s appliance.

Building meaningful customer relationships

H009S and H011 provide candidates with the knowledge and expertise to undertake bi-annual chimney sweeps or to diagnose installation faults. Demonstrating your capabilities will form mutually beneficial relationships with you and your customers; you can provide a safe and efficient appliance, and your customers can rely on you for consistent, quality work. Having a wide scope of skills allows you to undertake a variety of jobs for your customers, securing future work and keeping their homes safe.

Demonstrate confidence in your installations

If you are already a registered installer, offering a scope of services provides customers with the confidence that you have the capabilities to care for their appliance and their home. Servicing and maintaining your installations demonstrates your work’s quality and integrity; offering additional services exhibits that you have the expertise to complete the job to the highest standard and secure future work through aftercare.

Recognisable and trusted HETAS logo

The relevant training courses must be completed for the opportunity to apply to become a HETAS registrant and display the scheme logo. The HETAS logo is instantly recognisable in the industry and will give your customers peace of mind that you have the skills and expertise to undertake the work safely.

HETAS training courses come with a wide array of benefits; you will gain the skills to become the first person your customer thinks of when they need their appliance serviced, chimney swept, or just some advice on appliance use.

After over two decades in marketing, Gary from Huddersfield chose to launch his own chimney sweeping business – Swept.

Gary enrolled on the H011 Sweeping Course at Mr Soot Training Centre in Wigan and found the course was everything he needed to gain the confidence and expertise to begin his journey as a chimney sweep.

I looked at a number of sweeping courses before deciding on the H011. For me, it was important that I not only had quality training, but also had the opportunity to become HETAS approved, as it’s a brand which is highly recognised and valued by customers.

The four day course at Mr Soot Training Centre in Wigan was really informative. David, Sam and the team were very welcoming and supportive. The course itself was thorough, and upon completing it, it gave me a good degree of confidence ahead of ‘going it alone’.

I’d definitely encourage anyone who is looking to get into chimney sweeping to book on the H011 HETAS course – highly recommended!

Gary Walker – Owner of Swept.

Find your local training centres running these courses

Training Centre Location Details
Aberdeen Training Centre Aberdeen | AB11 9QP 01224 871901 | [email protected]
Kiwa Training Centre Bishop’s Cleeve | GL52 7DQ 01242 662121 | [email protected]
Mr Soot Training Centre Wigan | WN3 4DP 01942 387095 | [email protected]
Northwest Building Services Training Centre Liverpool | L24 1YA 01514 868700 | [email protected]
Poujoulat UK Training Surrey | GU3 1LU 01483 461700 | [email protected]
Robinsons UK Technical Training Academy (Worcestershire) Worcester | WR6 5AY 01915 814400 | [email protected]
Schiedel Training Newcastle upon Tyne | NE38 0AQ 01914 161150 | [email protected]
Specflue Colchester | CO10 2XW 0333 9997974 | [email protected]
Stove Industry Supplies Blackpool | FY3 7UN 01915 814400 | [email protected]
Thermal Earth Training Academy Carmarthenshire | SA18 3SJ 01269 833100 | [email protected]

Register your interest

H009 | Service & Maintenance

This course is ideal for businesses with relevant experience who don’t wish to undertake installation work; including stove retailers, chimney sweeps, allied trades (e.g. plumbing/heating installers), maintenance operatives and housing associations.

Sweeping Module | Online & H009S

This course is suitable for operatives who currently carry out sweeping activities, to demonstrate through knowledge and practical assessment, their suitability to join the HETAS Sweep & Service Scheme for sweeping solid fuel appliances.

H011 | Sweeping Course

This course is suitable for candidates wanting to learn how to sweep a chimney, and undertake servicing and maintenance but do not wish to undertake installation work.


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