Complaints about HETAS

Complaints about HETAS Staff or Policies/Processes

If your complaint relates to a Registered Business or installation, or you are unhappy with a complaint outcome, please contact the HETAS Compliance Team in the first instance; they will be happy to discuss your concerns and aim for resolution.

There may be times when people or organisations feel dissatisfied with the service provided by HETAS or a member of our staff.

Should this matter arise, we would ask that complaints are made in writing and sent via email or post, addressed to the relevant department listed below:

Postal Address: Department Name, HETAS Ltd, Severn House, Unit 5, Newtown Trading Estate, Green Lane, Tewkesbury, GL20 8HD 01684 278170 

  1. When the appropriate person receives the complaint, it will be given a complaint number and shall be allocated appropriately to a named individual. The complainant will be made aware of these details and at the same time given an indication of how long it will take to investigate and report back to them. It may be necessary to contact the complainant a number of times to ensure that we have all the necessary information and that they are kept up to date. 
  1. On completion of the investigation the manager concerned will contact the complainant and advise them of the outcome. The complainant should be advised that if they are dissatisfied, they can contact the HETAS CEO, giving the name, direct contact details and reference number.

Resolution matters:

i. If the complaint cannot be resolved by the department manager, or is about the manager then the complaint should be referred to the CEO, Bruce Allen. The complainant will be given direct contact details.

ii. There may be times when a complaint is about a policy or process that HETAS has no control over e.g. there are some requirements of CP schemes or approvals schemes that HETAS must adhere to but which others may find unsatisfactory. In these cases, we may be able to refer the complaint on to an appropriate authority.

iii. If in doubt or if there are particular concerns please contact a manager or the CEO and every effort will be made to help.