Complaints Policy

HETAS is concerned with the safety, technical standard and compliance to Building Regulations of the work carried out by its Registrants. Installers are required to undertake specific training and be routinely monitored to be registered with HETAS. This helps us monitor that installers are carrying out safe and compliant installations.
We do however understand that complaints can arise from time to time. Where HETAS investigate a complaint, we are aiming to establish whether the registrant is responsible for leaving a safety or Building Regulations defect and if so, to get that rectified by the registrant concerned. We aim to act in a proportionate, fair and independent manner. We have no legal power to compel either registrants or consumers to act.

HETAS Consumer Complaints leaflet
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Where concerns are raised, we encourage consumers to first discuss the issues directly with the installer. If you still have concerns or where this is not possible (for example where the business is no longer contactable or not responding) please contact us for advice.

If you wish to raise a formal complaint, please read our Consumer Complaints leaflet and Frequently Asked Questions below first to see how we may be able to help. The HETAS Consumer Complaints leaflet gives you an overview of our complaints policy. Click on the image to the left to view it.

For our full complaints policy please click here. For us to investigate a complaint, please complete our complaints questionnaire and sent to us with any supporting documentation.

If you have any questions, or require assistance completing a complaints questionnaire, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at

HETAS Contact 01684 278170

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1) MS Word Complaint form             2) PDF Complaint Form


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I need to make a complaint?

Have you informed your installer?

You should talk to your installer first about your concerns, and give them a chance to put right any problems and/or complete unfinished work.  HETAS registrants should have some form of Complaints Process which you can request;

1) Write to Installer with details of the complaint. We advise you to obtain proof of postage.  A HETAS registrant should have a Complaints procedure that you can utilise

2) Allow reasonable time for response

3) If this does not resolve the issue, follow our complaints process and contact HETAS

If you have concerns relating to the safety of the installation at any stage, please contact us for advice.

What concerns are within the scope of the HETAS Complaints scheme?

When a consumer has contracted a HETAS registrant to carry out work covered by our scheme:

1) Either – An unsafe installation.
HETAS is concerned in ensuring that the installation is safe for its intended use and compliant to applicable Building Regulations and standards.
If the work of the Registrant you employed falls below these standards, HETAS will ask that the Registrant concerned returns to put right any defects and to ensure relevant standards are achieved, as long as the work is within the installer’s areas of registration.

2) Or – Where a registered installer has installed an appliance or a system that he/she is not registered for.

What Complaints are HETAS unable to help with?

1) Complaints against Non HETAS Registered Operatives

2) Complaints where action has been taken to correct alter or remove the work complained about.

3) Complaints about matters which are the subject of current or intended litigation (legal action) by the complainant; the HETAS Complaints Procedure exists as an initial alternative to litigation.

4) For a complaint to be acted on by HETAS and for us to have a reasonable chance of promoting a successful resolution, the work in question must have been completed no more than 24 months before the date the complaint is formally registered with HETAS.

5) Non-compliance with technical specification which falls outside the scope of required Building Regulations.

6) Contractual or financial issues (except where the matter brings HETAS in to disrepute)

7) Cosmetic or workmanship issues (Regrettably HETAS cannot arbitrate if the work does not meet the standard you expect unless there is a safety concern or breach of regulations.)

8) If you are not the original Consumer (In some cases, HETAS can only arbitrate to complaints that are supported by a contract of work for the installation.)

9) If you are unwilling to allow the original Installer to return to complete remedial work

What should I expect at the end of my installation?

1) Chimney/Hearth Notice Plate with Safety information – normally fixed next to Consumer Unit (fuse box.)

2) CO monitor fitted in place (high up) – in the same room as the installation – to Building Regs/Manufacturer’s Instructions.

3) Commissioning of the appliance (including smoke test) to confirm the flue is working/ a record of commissioning/ Instructions on use, maintenance and fuels/ Demonstration on how to work the appliance.

4) Notification of appliance to HETAS. (There are two systems of notification; 1.Paper based system where consumer should receive a pink copy of the Certificate of Compliance/ White copy is sent to HETAS to notify to the Local Authority and yellow copy is kept by the Installer. 2 On-line system where installer enters details of Certificate of Compliance on-line to HETAS (this generates a ID number which can be passed to the consumer). The information is then registered with the Local Authority and a copy of the Certificate of Compliance will automatically be sent to the Consumer within 20 to 30 days after notification on line.)
To check if your Installer holds HETAS registration, please use our ‘Find an Installer’ search function or contact us.

If you are concerned that any of the above have not been achieved, please contact HETAS

How will HETAS investigate?

To make a formal complaint about a HETAS registrant please complete our complaints questionnaire
(Available to download here) This is available in different formats to download, or can be posted out to you. If you require assistance, please contact us on 01684 278198
To investigate a complaint, we need full details together with any supporting documentation such as quotation(s), invoice(s), Certificate of Compliance and relevant correspondence. Photographs of the installation can be beneficial.
Once the information is received we will acknowledge receipt and review the evidence.

Site Inspection
On some occasions, it may be necessary to send an inspector out to inspect the installation. The purpose of any on-site inspection is to determine whether or not the items of work about which the complaint has been made meet the required safety standards and Building Regulations.
Inspections are not always necessary and are at the discretion of HETAS. The inspector will contact you to arrange a suitable date and time for inspection. We normally request the registered installer to attend.
Please note, we take Complaints seriously and will endeavor to inspect as quickly as possible, however we are unable to guarantee any timescales for inspection.

After the Site inspection
After the on-site inspection has been carried out the HETAS Inspector will prepare a brief written report detailing the work inspected. If the report identifies Non-Compliances to Building Regulations that are solely the responsibility of the registrant, HETAS will require the registrant to carry out such remedial action as it deems necessary to make the installation safe and compliant. In most cases we would expect this to be without any additional cost to the complainant.
Please note; HETAS hold no legal power to compel either registrants or consumers to act. The HETAS Competent Person Scheme is voluntary and registrants are bound by their Terms and Conditions of Registration.

Overview of the HETAS complaints process

The HETAS complaints policy is available to read here. If you have any issues downloading or you would prefer this to be posted to you please write (address)

1) Complete a Complaint questionnaire
The Complaint Questionnaire is available in two formats – PDF for printing; MS Word for saving to your PC and then emailing once complete to (email)

2) Acknowledgement of receipt from HETAS Complaint Department

3) Information appraised by Technical Advisors

4) Decision letter to Consumer and Installer.  We will inform you if HETAS are not able to investigate further.

5) HETAS will invite the Installer to reply to any issues raised in your complaint.

6) On some occasions the case may require an inspection; in these cases the Inspector will contact the consumer to arrange a time that is convenient. He will also contact the Installer to inform of the inspection. A report will be produced, reviewed by the Technical Advisors, and then sent to both parties. PLEASE NOTE: THE INSPECTOR WILL NOT CARRY OUT ANY REMEDIAL WORK OR COMMISSION THE INSTALLATION.

i) If no faults are found at the inspection, the complaint will be closed.

ii) If faults are found at the inspection, the report will advise of this and a timeline will be provided to both parties for remedial work to be completed.

7) Confirmation that remedial work has taken place will be required from both parties (forms provided). The Installer will be required to provide sufficient evidence that the work now complies to the points raised by the inspection report and any other supporting documents. This is then appraised by the Technical Advisors and once verified, the complaint will be closed.

Whilst we commit to work on behalf of all concerned for a resolution, there may be times when the HETAS complaints policy cannot result in the outcome you desire as we are unable to assist in cosmetic, financial or contractual issues.  In these circumstances you would be advised to seek legal advice e.g. from a Solicitor or telephone Citizens Advice on 03454 040506. Citizens Advice can help advise you on your rights as a Consumer, should you wish to pursue through the small claims court

The installing business has ceased trading

If you believe that the registered business that carried out your installation has ceased trading and you have concerns over the safety or compliance of your installation, please contact HETAS to discuss how we may be able to help you.
The below link from Citizens Advice website can also provide useful information.

Useful Links

Some additional contacts that could be of use:

1) Citizens Advice
Citizens Advice aim to provide the advice people need for the problems they face and improve the policies and practices that affect people’s lives.
They provide free, independent, confidential and impartial advice to everyone on their rights and responsibilities and value diversity, promote equality and challenge discrimination.

2) Which? Consumer Rights Advice