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ENplus® UK Wood Pellet Certification

To apply to be an ENplus® Trader, ENplus® Producer or ENplus® Service Provider, please follow the steps below:

Step 1

Download The ENplus® Handbook here

Step 2

Download the relevant application pack below:

ENplus Application FormENplus Trader ApplicationENplus Service Provider Application
ENplus Producer Application PackENplus Trader Application PackENplus Service Provider Application Pack

Step 3

Download the supporting documents here
These contains the following forms, some of all of which may be relevant to your application:

  • Data Sheet for Affiliated Companies
  • Data Sheet for Delivery Vehicles
  • Data Sheet for Remote Pellet Store
  • Data Sheet for Bagging Station
  • Data Sheet for Production Plant
  • Data Sheet for Service Providers
  • Data Sheet for Sublicence Contract

If you have questions about the certification process, please contact ENplus@hetas.co.uk

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The UK Pellet Council was set up following an industry meeting on 17th November 2011 and is hosted by the Renewable Energy Association (REA). It aims to provide a single body to represent the best interests of all parties directly involved in the UK pellet trade from biomass of any source. The Council oversees UK implementation of the European Pellet Council’s ENplus scheme. For more information on the REA and the UK Pellet Council visit the REA website.

A complete listing of all certified Producers and Traders can be found on the EPC website and also on the UKPC website.

ENplus® quality certification is a major step towards establishing wood pellets as a widely used energy source. The numerous National Standards and Certifications have been replaced by one uniform system based on the ISO 17225-2 standard for wood pellets.  The Certification scheme was adopted by the European Pellet Council in January 2011 and thus enjoys the support of large parts of the European pellet sector. A key advantage of ENplus® is that pellet quality is managed throughout the entire supply chain from production, storage and transport all the way to the end consumer.

The quality requirements for pellet producers and pellet traders who wish to certify are laid down in the Handbook below. Producers and Traders are subjected to independent audits of their processes and samples of product are also tested to ensure compliance with the standards.

ENplus® Handbook (August 2015 versions)

Click here to view the complete manual.

The ENplus® scheme ensures that there is a chain of custody from the Producer through the Trader to the end user. Any bulk delivery of pellets (even ones produced by an ENplus® Producer) cannot be called ENplus® pellets if they are delivered by a non-registered Trader. Similarly only ENplus® pellets bought from an ENplus® Producer can be delivered by an ENplus® Trader to an end user as ENplus® pellets. Non ENplus® pellets cannot be called ENplus® just because they have been delivered by an ENplus® Trader.  The situation with bagged deliveries of ENplus® pellets is different and the conditions outlined above do not apply.

HETAS is the Certification Body for ENplus® in the UK

HETAS is the Certification Body for ENplus® in the UK and all applications from UK based pellet producers and traders must be made through us. The UK Pellet Council holds the Licensing rights for the scheme in the UK. HETAS can only accept applications from Producers or Traders based in the UK.  Applicants not based in the UK should apply to their own National Pellet Council or directly to the European Pellet Council.