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HETAS developed a fuel quality scheme, based on the then developing European Technical Standards EN14961 Parts 1-6 (replaced by BS EN ISO 17225 Parts 1-6 in 2014), and the overarching Quality Standard EN15234-1.  The aim of the scheme was to provide a simplified framework that a fuel producer could follow and be able to satisfy a rigorous independent assessment to demonstrate compliance with the standards.

Fuel suppliers are assessed as having quality procedures in place to demonstrate their ability to supply wood fuels that meet these standards.  They could then demonstrate this to their customers by displaying the HETAS Quality Assured Fuel stamp of approval.  The scheme covers all the various forms of woody biomass fuels – firewood logs, woodchip, wood pellets, wood briquettes and hog fuel. For more information visit www.woodsure.co.uk or click to here to make an application.

Finding the right wood and biomass fuel supplier

The HETAS website has an extensive search facility to enable consumers, retailers and installers to find the fuels they are looking for.  By entering their postcode, users can search for the various fuel types (log, pellet, briquette,chip and hog), returning listings of their local and national suppliers, and the applicable fuel quality scheme (Woodsure Plus and ENplus).  Sourcing fuel from one of the accredited suppliers in the listing gives the consumer confidence that they are buying the best quality fuel for their appliance, and that it will function as the manufacture intended.  For fuel producers being part of this fuel quality scheme gives confidence that they are supplying fuels appropriate to the intended appliance and reduces the likelihood of unfounded allegations of fuel related system performance.

Appliance manufacturers are supportive of fuel quality schemes because using the right quality fuel ensures that their equipment can operate reliably and any problems can be readily diagnosed.