HETAS Product Approval

As an appliance manufacturer there are many reasons you should consider HETAS approval for your appliances;

HETAS is the Independent UK Body Recognised by DEFRA

HETAS is the independent UK body recognised by Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) for the official testing and approval of domestic solid fuels, solid fuel burning appliances and associated equipment and services.

The list has been prepared by HETAS at the invitation of DEFRA for the guidance of local authorities and others concerned with the choice of solid fuel appliances for new houses, or as replacements in existing houses.

Mark of Confidence for the Installer & End User

The HETAS Approved Product logo gives reassurance to the installer and end user that the appliance they are going to buy complies fully with current energy efficiency and safety requirements. To an installer, using a HETAS approved product saves them a significant amount of time as they know the product is suitable for use. Without the appliance being HETAS approved the installer would need to check the products test reports and ensure installation and user instructions give the correct advice.

Approval brings with it access to the HETAS approved three tick logo which can be used as a marketing tool as a demonstration of compliance with standards and regulations. The three tick logo is a mark of independent 3rd party verification provided by HETAS which also builds and demonstrates an additional trust in the manufacturer and its brand.

Compliance with Ever Changing Regulations and Directives

With the need to live in an ever increasing environment of safety and risk aversion, both British and European regulations and standards are continually being reviewed, updated and amended. It is very easy to lose track of the implications of these changes and consequently produce an appliance that doesn’t fully comply with the requirements.

The appliance manufacturer needs to demonstrate that it’s appliances can be fitted in accordance with Building regulations, the Approved document L and that claimed efficiencies are reliable. HETAS approval is the simple way of giving independent certification of these efficiencies as approval will mean your appliance test reports and instruction manuals are checked and verified as being correct by the UK’s appliance Industry experts.

Listing Gives an Easy Accessible Central Database of Appliances, Efficiencies and Requirements

There are many good reasons for appliances, fuels and equipment to be approved and for there to be a publicly available database of the approved products:-

With the huge drive to look at greener heating and hot water solutions the UK Building Regulations have put in place a number of requirements e.g. “must meet a minimum required efficiency”; and, for replacements must be no more than 2% less efficient than the previous appliance, and also be on a SEDBUK database giving seasonal efficiencies.

With HETAS approval, listing gives an easy, accessible, central database of appliances, efficiencies and requirements around use of appliances and fuels. Most importantly, efficiency data (Gross) is needed by specifiers, installers and purchasers. Picking a HETAS approved appliance is an easy way for them to ensure that they can fit appliances without contravening Building regulations. The HETAS listings are the only easily accessible list available to all for all types of solid fuel and wood burning appliances.

Route for Wet Appliances to be Added to SEDBUK Database for Boiler Equipment

SEDBUK is the average annual efficiency achieved in typical domestic conditions, making reasonable assumptions about pattern of usage, climate, control, and other influences.

HETAS offers a simple declaration form and process that supports manufacturers in getting their appliances on the official SEDBUK database for boiler equipment. SEDBUK was developed with the co-operation of boiler manufactures to give a fair comparison of different boilers energy performance.

Access to HETAS as a Resource

Protect Yourself from Carbon Monoxide

When an appliance or equipment manufacturer becomes approved then they have access to HETAS as a resource as HETAS works on public relations for the solid fuel, wood burning, and biomass industry. This can be helpful in;
• Protecting Industry
• Helping set standards in Europe and Britain (EN & BS)
• Providing manufacturers with a voice at government level
HETAS works with the Renewable Energy Association, Government Departments, and with BRE (through the Microgeneration scheme). HETAS holds strong relationships with other key industry players also like the Solid Fuel Association who are also pleased to promote HETAS approved appliances. Together we promote the sale and safe use of solid and wood fuels, appliances, and equipment.