HETAS Product Approval

The HETAS Approved Product process demonstrate to installers and end users that your products are safe, efficient and conform to Building Regulations. HETAS lists Approved Products in both the printed and online HETAS Guide to Approved Products & Services giving verified important information such as gross efficiency, refuel periods and fuel type, as well as Defra exemption status and whether a product is MCS accredited (with HETAS)

Annually HETAS distributes printed Guides to installers, retailers, training centres, specifiers, Local Authorities and other industry sectors.  The Guide makes it easy for the end user/installer to have confidence that the appliance being installed is being done so in compliance with current regulations and standards. The HETAS Guide has become a useful database of information for specifiers allowing SAP assessors to take advantage of the higher tested efficiencies of many of the Approved Products.  As well as featuring in the Guide document each Approved Product has a searchable and comprehensive listing (including a photograph) on the HETAS website.

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HETAS Approved Product Logo

Products approved by HETAS are entitled to display the HETAS Approved Product logo on the product, in a showroom and on associated literature such as adverts and promotional materials. The logo is widely recognised by consumers, installers and elsewhere throughout the industry.

Appliance Approval Process

HETAS is pleased to accept applications for approval  from either a Manufacturer or from an Agent/Sole distributor of an appliance to the United Kingdom.  The Approval is based on Initial Type Testing, Appliance Inspection Visits and the manufacturer operating either a Certified Quality Management System for the appliance production or has a Factory Production Control Process complying with the requirements specified in the EN or BS standard against which the appliance was tested.

To apply for  HETAS Product Approval  a manufacturer or distributor simply fills in and returns to HETAS an Application Form 4A including Test Reports, Instruction & Operating Manuals and Sales Brochures for the specific appliance.

If the appliance meets the requirements of HETAS accreditation then the manufacturer will receive notification in writing of the director’s decision and include a draft of the proposed list entry for review.

How to Apply

If you are interested in having your products approved by HETAS and listed in the HETAS Guide and on our website then please complete the inquiry form below giving details of the appliance types you would like approved and we’ll be pleased to get back to you with some information and an application pack. Alternatively please contact the team on 01684 278170 or email productapproval@hetas.co.uk.

Note: HETAS check the validity of any CE marking during the approval process however HETAS Approval cannot be regarded as a substitute for CE marking.