Chimney Product Listing

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HETAS Listed Chimney Product

Listed Chimney Products form an integral part of the HETAS Guide and an increasing number of UK and international manufacturers and distributors are contacting us to have their products assessed.  Any product going through the process allows the manufacturer to use the HETAS Listed Chimney Product logo in their promotion of it. Use of the logo and showing in the HETAS Guide and on the HETAS website show installers and consumers that these products are safe for use with solid fuel appliances and with the proper maintenance will work in tandem with them providing many years of trouble-free use.

The Process

We are pleased to accept applications for Listed Chimney Products either from a Manufacturer or from an Agent/Sole Distributor of a product to the United Kingdom.  The Listing is based on verification of conformance to the applicable UK regulations by examination of submitted evidence of independent testing by a notified testing laboratory.  Dependent upon the nature of the characteristics of certain products it may be necessary to prove critical characteristics by evidence of additional testing (e.g. the determination of effective free area for ventilators).

Where a manufacturer or distributor decides to pursue HETAS approval, they will simply complete and submit to HETAS an Application Form 4. The manufacturer is required to provide (in English) at least the following information regarding the product;

Product Identification Details

Product Marking Details

Product Instructions, Sales Brochures & Technical Documents

General Constructional Details of Each Product

All Relevant Test Reports and Certificates for the Products

Any Other Information & Documents reasonably requested by HETAS

The HETAS Director of Approvals and Certifications shall, on behalf of HETAS, decide whether the product is eligible for listing. This is done by taking into account all circumstances which includes (at least) based on documentation provided;

Whether the materials, design & construction meet the eligible requirements.

Whether instructions meet appropriate requirements; are in accordance with UK Building Regulations and are suitable for the UK market.

 Whether the product marking meets the requirements appropriate to the product and all claimed technical data is in accordance with those supplied.

To request a pack to apply for HETAS Listed Chimney Product simply fill in the form below and we’ll be pleased to get back to you with all the appropriate information and documents.