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In this growing renewable market consumers can be directed to retailers that meet standards for service quality and search, here on the HETAS website,  for Approved Retailers.

There is support from HETAS in the form of  training,  newsletters, and a host of other benefits.  Approved Retailers will receive a certificate as well as being able to display the HETAS Approved retailer stickers, magnets, ID cards and consumer Advice Sheets in your showroom.

Stove Retailers

In order to add momentum to the biomass and solid fuel renewable heating market,  retailers need to give appropriate advice to consumers.  This includes the selection of a stove that is appropriate for the customer’s needs and their home and taking measures to ensure the customer is aware when appropriate maintenance should be carried out. We offer our endorsement of the best solid fuel appliance retailers in the UK by listing them on our web directory and authorising the use of an Approved Retailer logo to advertise on your marketing literature and in the showroom.

Customers are often looking for the best appliance at the best possible price.  These days however, they are keen to purchase an appliance that is cost and fuel efficient and minimises their carbon footprint as well. Your customers can rest in the knowledge that when they enter your HETAS Approved retail showroom, they are going to receive a top quality service via friendly, informed and safe guidance.

The scheme ensures that Approved Retailers have at least one HETAS trained member of staff in the showroom at any given time; available to advise on a number of key issues ranging from maintenance of an appliance through to issues such as the risks of carbon monoxide, government regulations and a suitable fuel for their appliance.

Here are some of the other benefits of joining the HETAS Approved Retailer Scheme:

  • A listing on the HETAS Find Retailer website search – driving business to your showroom
  • Free technical help through the Technical Helpline
  • Monthly HETAS Newsletter – including technical updates, changes to Standards and consumer and industry events
  • Access to dedicated HETAS Insurance Services
  • Access to the HETAS Shop – products including advice sheets, window stickers, magnets and technical publications
  • Best practices – HETAS retailer certification ensures that all appliances in a showroom are labelled with all the vital information that a consumer may require
  • Know your staff are well-versed in the best advice regarding fuels for the appliances you sell

Retailer Training

Interested in learning more? As a retailer, the HETAS Approved Retailer is most appropriate for you. Click here to find out more about the range of HETAS training courses.  Already completed your HETAS training course?  Click here to visit the ‘Join Now‘ page, click here to email or call us on 01684 278170.