Spotlight on… Island Pellet Stoves

February's spotlight is headed to South Wales to explore the journey of Island Pellet Stoves. It all started with a love of wood burning - the ambience, aesthetic, and sustainability of wood burners combined to form the passion that created Island Pellet Stoves.
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February’s spotlight is headed to South Wales to explore the journey of Island Pellet Stoves. It all started with a love of wood burning – the ambience, aesthetic, and sustainability of wood burners combined to form the passion that created Island Pellet Stoves. The company’s founders, Marc Howell and Dr. Gabriel Gallagher, had been working in various areas of sustainability and the wood energy market since the 1990s, with a combined experience of over 40 years, but felt there was something missing.

Island Pellet Stoves was conceptualised over a cosy Christmas drink whilst a wood fire crackled in the background. Knowing that, despite how efficient and environmentally friend pellet stoves could be, there wasn’t a pellet stove capable of replicating the comfort of the wood burner sitting in that very room sparked inspiration. The ambition to create a pellet stove that had minimal noise, could fit in the fireplace opening, and – most importantly – had the gentle flickering light that produces the unbeatable fireplace atmosphere came to form the Island Pellet Stoves of today.


After over 10,000 hours of use prior to launch, the team were able to exceed their brief – they achieved high efficiency, low emissions, and the 2015 Pellet or Wood Chip Appliance of the Year Award seven years after the idea first began. Fast-forward to the present and Island Pellet Stoves are continuing to innovate, design, and manufacture in South Wales, using only UK steel that is built to last.

Pellet stoves are a modern heating solution, providing and alternative way to heat your home using compressed wood pellets as fuel. User-controlled combustion is possible with a pellet stove; your remote control or touch screen can be used to activate the onboard storage hopper and begin burning. You can also easily adjust the temperature to meet your needs or let the stove automatically maintain your preferred temperature, allowing you to relax in front of the fire without the need for manual adjustments.

The first appliance Island Pellet Stoves released to market was the Lundy 5, a pellet stove specifically designed to fit into traditional recessed British fireplace openings and inglenooks. With an independently tested efficiency rating of 82%, Cleaner Choice certification, and a 15kg pellet hopper capacity, the Lundy 5 achieves an output of up to 5kW whilst remaining compact and aesthetically appealing. All of their pellet stoves come equipped with proprietary technology that creates the iconic flame whilst keeping noise to a minimum. This technology is patent protected – you won’t find the signature look and silence of Island Pellet Stoves anywhere else on the market.


Island Pellet Stoves have since released two additional appliances: the Lundy 8 and the Ramsey. The Lundy 8 can be connected to a hot water tank, radiators in other rooms, or a buffer vessel, producing an output of up to 4.2kW to the room and 3.8kW to the hot water circuit. The Ramsey is a slimline pellet stove specifically designed to be used in locations where there is not a chimney, such as conservatories, glamping pods, and boats, boasting high efficiency and an output of up to 6kW.

With sustainability and convenience at their core, the team are continuing to work on manufacturing pellet stoves that minimise particulate matter emissions, with all three of their stoves receiving Cleaner Choice certification. Independent third-party verification from HETAS provides assurance that Cleaner Choice certified appliances produce at least 50% less particulate emissions than current requirements in UK smoke control areas, demonstrating a commitment to a cleaner, safer environment.

Since winning the award for “Pellet or Wood Chip Appliance of the Year” at the Harrogate Hearth and Home exhibition in 2015, we have succeeded in demonstrating that there is a demand in the UK for high-quality, reliable, and quiet pellet stoves which offer an attractive flame. Our products, backed up by our after-sales technical support and servicing are showing the way forward for wood burning stoves with ultra-low particulate emissions.

We are keen to share our know-how and patented technology with other British stove manufacturers who embrace this vision and would welcome enquiries from any interested parties to discuss a technology-transfer arrangement.

Marc Howell – Director

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View the range of Cleaner Choice certified appliances from Island Pellet Stoves on the HETAS product search.

Further information on the company and pellet stoves can be found on the Island Pellet Stoves website.

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