CSCS card update

For a number of years HETAS has been working with The Joint Industry Board for the Plumbing Industry in England & Wales (JIB-PMES) in providing HETAS Registered Installers with an affordable and accessible route to achieving a CSCS card.

About the JIB-PMES

The JIB-PMES is a not for profit organisation existing for the benefit of everyone in the Plumbing Industry. They seek to provide registration services quickly and inexpensively and to resolve any problems in a fair and professional manner.


Why do I need a CSCS card?

Registration cards are essential for all trades people working in the Plumbing and Heating Industry. The CSCS card shows site managers, employers and other trades people that you are qualified for the work you are doing, and have passed a Health & Safety Test. The Health & Safety Test ensures that you have been trained to the required legal standard, and have the knowledge and competence to keep you and your fellow workers safe and healthy.

Cards are available for all trades and related occupations in the plumbing industry. Your card depends on your qualifications and your occupation.

Changes are coming to CSCS cards

From 31st October 2019 new HETAS registered applicants to the JIB-PMES CSCS Registration scheme will be issued with an ‘operative’ blue ‘HETAS Installer’ card, rather than a white ‘related occupation’ card as is currently the case. On applying for the CSCS card, applicants will be asked to provide their current HETAS registration details and will also be asked to confirm their Registration category: i.e. Installer (appliances); Installer (chimneys/flues); Installer (appliances and chimneys/flues); Approved Chimney Sweep; Approved Service & Maintenance.

This information will appear on the reverse of the card. Cards will be valid until the expiry of the either the cardholders H&S test or their HETAS registration (whichever comes first). All existing white ‘related occupation’ cards, including any issued up until 31st October will continue to be valid until their stated expiry date.

Applying for a card

If you would like any further information about applying for JIB-PMES CSCS cards, please contact the JIB-PMES on 01480 476925; email: or via the website

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